What is a shared office, and who uses it most?

What is a shared office, and who are its Major users?

All sizes and types of businesses are discovering the advantages of the shared office or shared workspace.

This innovative work option is great for accommodating a few employees, a whole team, or the entire operation. It can also save you time and money by not having to purchase and maintain your own space.

This article will discuss shared workspaces and their significant users in detail.

What is a shared workspace?

A shared workspace is an environment where self-employed people or employees of different businesses can share their equipment, ideas, and knowledge to benefit all.

The concept of shared offices goes beyond physical space where people from different backgrounds gather to include a sense of community built on trust, shared values, and the synergy that results from working with like-minded professionals. These are also known as coworking spaces.


1) Digital Nomads and Freelancers

Working on the couch, kitchen table, in hostel rooms, or in busy cafes can be challenging.

Many freelancers and digital nomads choose to share a workspace as their office. They can network, share ideas, collaborate with others, and have the benefits of an office environment without building or maintaining it.

2) Entrepreneurs

Although many entrepreneurs, including rebels, hustlers, innovators, and prodigies, can benefit from a coworking space.

Doing so will help you save capital for more important expenditures (like perfecting your product/service).

Renting a standalone office space or limiting yourself by signing a long-term lease is costly. You pay less to rent shared office space than it costs to keep your own office.

3) Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle entrepreneurs start a business to improve their lifestyle, and their primary motive is not to create a breakthrough product or make more money.

Many lifestyle entrepreneurs make less in the first few years of their business than those who work in “conventional” jobs.

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are more focused on life rewards than monetary ones. They have to be passionate about their work and love what they do.

A lifestyle entrepreneur can work from anywhere and from any time, unlike the traditional 9-to-5 job.

They only need a computer, usually a laptop, and an internet connection to keep everything running. A shared workspace is ideal for lifestyle entrepreneurs to open a business and get work done.

4) Solopreneurs

Solopreneurs are professionals who start and grow a business that is mobile, scalable, and generates passive income, all without the assistance of employees.

Solopreneurs don’t have to do everything themselves. Although they may hire contractors or freelancers, the sole owner of their business is still responsible.

Solopreneurs will love a coworking space because it allows them to organize their day (and any freelancer activities) in a productive and inspiring way.

5) Consultants

Consultants offer expert advice to others in a particular field to help them achieve their goals. Consultants conduct their business primarily online, by phone, or in person.

A shared workspace is a great way to start a consulting company. It allows you to take calls, meet online and host clients in a professional environment. You can also leave the office anytime and go to a face-to-face meeting.

6) Local Teams

Many businesses have discovered the advantages of a coworking space for their local employees.

These days, workspace is scarce, and finding a suitable place for a new team in an existing office can be challenging.

Instead of cramming team members into boxes or forcing them to work in the break room, you can assign them to a shared workspace they will share several days per week. 

Thus, they can be free to roam and collaborate as much as they like. They can report to the primary office or telecommute to attend team meetings and keep in touch with the company.

7) Remote Teams

Remote teams are more common than ever, so a shared workspace is a great way to offer a professional environment.

While your business’s main office might be in a major city, a few employees may work remotely in another city.

Although this remote team is not an entirely new autonomous satellite office, they still need to work together in a designated space. How does a business do that? In a shared workspace.

Remote team members can report the work daily and keep in touch with the main office via video conferencing or similar technology.

8) Distributed teams

Distributed teams can also make great use of the shared office movement.

Owners of businesses operating from one location can provide employees access to a shared workspace. It is a great way to keep your team productive.

Employees have a place they can work, away from the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop. It is also flexible and less costly for the business than buying an office.

9) Employees who work from home

You can work from home or manage a team, but keeping your focus in a new environment is crucial.

Businesses with employees who work from their living room sofa or kitchen table daily are likely to be concerned about productivity.

Some workers work from home and can learn to be efficient in minutes. Others feel that they will never win the battle to maintain efficiency.

You can help your team members succeed as managers or owners by providing them access to a nearby co-working space.

Employees can “get out of their house” and find a place that suits them and the activities they need to do to keep the business on track.

10) Employees who can work from anywhere:

All types of businesses realize that employees can work remotely and still be productive, creative, and collaborative.

Team members no longer have to report to an office each day. They can work from anywhere, telecommute, and access resources to help them communicate with their managers.

While some employees work from home, others prefer to work in a shared space.

They feel more focused and purposeful when they report from a coworking space than from their kitchen table.

11) Startups:

If you enquire any startups about the reason their employees love shared workspace?” And you will be amazed by their response on how their business flourished because they started it in a coworking space.

With coworking spaces, they can keep overheads low when spending that money on research, development, marketing, and other activities is so important.

12) Small Businesses:

Because of its central location, small businesses frequently use shared workspaces. It is easy to access transportation, dining, shopping, and many other amenities. Absolute Solutions is a coworking space with luxury, class, and professionalism.

Many small businesses won’t be in a position to pay the monthly fees for shared workspaces.

13) Satellite Offices:

A satellite office (also called a branch or an addition to a company) is a location that is physically separated from the main office.

Large and small companies choose satellite offices to share workspaces in different locations, cities, regions, or countries.

Shared workspaces offer a massive range of benefits, here are a few benefits your business could get from setting up a satellite workplace in a shared workspace.

  • A new talent pool is available
  • Recruitment is easier
  • Efficient customer service
  • Recognize local brands
  • Greater customer connection around the satellite office
  • Better company perception
  • New markets and entry
  • Streamlined networking
  • Reduced commute time
  • Collaboration and business success are two sides of the same coin

14) Small, Medium and Large Enterprises

A shared workspace is of great benefit for corporations and enterprises of all sizes. Many of these companies own office buildings but also use coworking spaces for luxury and modern conveniences. They can entertain clients, grow their teams, open new offices, or help employees stay motivated.


Co-working Spaces or Shared Workspaces are in great demand since they are used by a wide variety of users. They are available with a lot of benefits, which are mostly come with substantial associated costs, but availed in a monthly package at very reasonable prices.


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