2022 business trends to consider in UAE

One of the busiest business centres in the world, the UAE is now firmly established. Here, a huge and diverse range of industries—from travel and technology to aviation and e-commerce—continue to expand.

Since SMEs account for a large portion of the economy, the UAE is home to numerous inventive and progressive businesses. Because of this, it is a terrific area to keep an eye out for the most recent developments in the business world.

The disruption brought on by the epidemic made this year unlike any other, and as a result, change has happened more quickly. So, while you will be familiar with the trends below, they are about to become mainstays in the world of work.

Trend 1: Online events

Even while online collaboration tools have been around for a while, 2020 was the year the world finally went virtual. Zoom meetings were used for 101 billion minutes in January 2020 and 2.6 trillion in April 2020. This amount increased to $3.3 trillion by October 2020.

Although we may have been mainly forced to migrate to virtual meetings and events, this is a trend that is not going to stop. The success of significant virtual events last year, like E3 Expo, has demonstrated what is possible to businesses, trade associations, and individuals.

Additionally, virtual events are more affordable, less harmful to the environment, and enable participants to participate without travelling. What is there to dislike?

2. Video marketing

For many years, video marketing has been gaining popularity. But in the years to come, we may anticipate it to advance beyond easily shared films that go viral to far more participatory and interesting narrative.

Because they are so well-liked by audiences, sequential advertisements, for instance, are gaining ground swiftly. Nearly 75 percent of YouTube consumers remember sequential advertising better than single 30-second films, according to the company’s research.

In 2022, interactive or “shoppable” videos are anticipated to boom in popularity. The spectator can click on things in this kind of movie and quickly buy them.

In 2021, if you’re not using video, you risk falling behind your rivals because 93% of marketers consider it to be crucial to their marketing plan. Start a company in dubai immediately.

Trend 3: Online sales made through social media


Social selling has typically been thought of as a great bonus. a channel to supplement direct methods like the web and email. But that’s no longer the case. There is no better location to interact with and market to your target audience than social networks, where more people are spending time than ever before.

Having stated that, selling is not the only aspect of social. Social selling requires nurturing. You must first identify your audience, then interact with them by responding to their questions and provide truly beneficial material for nothing. When they are ready to make a purchase, they will come to your company once trust has been established.

It also works. When compared to their peers who use more conventional techniques, social salespeople can create up to 45% more chances.

Why consult with business consultants?

It’s simple to get started if you’re interested in the trends mentioned above and want to expand your company opportunities in the UAE.

However, some amount of prior process understanding is necessary to establish a business in the UAE. Furthermore, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the application procedure is only simple if your licence application is finished and error-free at the time of submission.

When forming a new company, it’s a good idea to engage with a company formation in dubai specialist to help you make sure that this is the case.


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