The Secret Series Book

Becoming an Author

Dana Marie Booker started fiddling with poetry when she first broke her heart at 15. Expounding on her agony through rhyming words appeared to cheer her up; it was a healthy outlet that saved the other person from her contempt.

As her abilities developed, she was employed as a correspondent for a neighbourhood paper. They gave her the human-interest segment that featured warm-hearted news; however, every story would start her creative mind to tell a captivating completion.

Secret Book Series

Booker has twenty years of keeping in touch with her credit. These series of books keep on getting heavenly surveys from her readers. While the principal portion, a homicide secret, keeps one turning pages, the sub-plots are comparably captivating, compelling readers into esteem decisions while recoiling at the person’s life-changing mysteries that carry them nearer to God or send them directly to hell.

  1.       Family Secrets

Family and Secrets is the principal book from “The Secret Series Book“. This story starts from the moment that remarkable youngsters, Jessica and Jason Lord, are rejected from their well-off father’s will; they seek a concise moment decision to complete a homicide to keep a stepchild away from turning into a replacement. Fortunately for the Lords, their lethal arrangement remains a distinctive secret until the mate of the killed legal counsellor utilizes attorney Marie Perry.

2.       More Secrets

Legal counsellors Kareem and Marie Johnson rise to plushness from newly found abundance. When they sink into the home, a shocking bit of data is uncovered that could drive them to lose everything. Marie’s mother, who had a secret love illegal relationship year sooner, is at the point of convergence of the discussion and extraordinarily uncovered case. In their central goal to find the truth, the power couple goes on a man pursue the peculiar could-be father. As they fight to stay aware of their regard, the Lord family lady articulates the fight on the Johnsons and bends backwards to defame their standing and strip them of a billion-dollar fortune.

3.       Secret Sins

With reverence in his heart and the Bible in his grip, changed executioner and practising Christian, Jason Lord, is out of the blue detained with cemented hoodlums for a murder he committed quite a while ago. Tragically, a prison screen isn’t ultimately settled to see Jason struggle, leaving him with an unpleasant secret.

4.   Her Deadly Secret

As you understand the thinking of a spouse and mother, who faces the shocking news that she has a terminal disease. Unfortunate that uncovering her deadly secret will obliterate a long-awaited family wedding, Sandy disguises her devastating illness until after the two or three takes their responsibilities.

5.   Secrets Never Die

After the destruction of her mother, attorney Marie Johnson tracks down relatives from the contrary side of the tracks. Fretful of new family ties, she turns into the setback from threatening lousy behaviour.  The Johnsons rely upon their certainty and Biblical guidelines to deal with all the mysterious insider realities in their lives.

6.   Secret and Lies

Secret Lies are the 6th book from The Secret Series Book, delivered in December 2022.  During his assessment, he loosens up a secret plot that subverts his family, business, and sober life.

Being a God-fearing man of raised assumptions and decency, Kareem relies upon his Christian convictions to exhibit his guiltlessness under setbacks that would cause the commonplace person to deny his certainty and obligation to God.
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Today, Marie Booker, in addition to the fact that she is a cultivated writer, a practical business person and proprietor of “Your Mobile Notary”, Booker holds a BS degree in business communications from the University of Phoenix. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Harris and a dog Coco.

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