What do you have in comparison to an Activewear Zebra Bag?

Gym and fitness floors are the new normal, and everybody who likes to be active and look fresh does know how important it is to hit the gym floor harder every time. 

Either you are a fitness freak, a bodybuilder, a mild trainer, or a time passer. Going to the gym is becoming more like a lifestyle. It also involves so many pseudo products mandatory for adapting this hobby. 

However, you have a great many options to get your hands on your favorite outfit and accessories before you join the gym. These accessories and exclusive clothes are called activewear in the gym language.

Nowadays, the trend of getting the zebra printed bag for the gym is everybody raving about it on every social media platform. Following celebrities has a drawback that you do not think of any other option or the alternative, and the result is you see everybody using the same bags and accessories like everybody else.

Today We are going to provide you with some recent gym bags that you can get and use as an alternative to the Activewear Zebra Bag. Stay tuned and scroll down to see all the pretty bags available in the market.

1. Gravity Bag: PE Nation Activewear Bag for Gym

If you want to play the gym game strong, color up your collection with this classy and trendy P.E. nation bag that could match your sports outfit. A P.E. Nation is an elevated all-day must-have bag if you hit the gym floor daily and do not have time to change the stuff from one bag to another. 

It comprises spray fabrication with padded shoulder straps and a detachable, adjustable center strap. The color and style of this bag will make the head turn along with your accessories and outfit. It is a generous-sized style created to fit all your functional needs. 

The low-shine black hardware shows a contemporary gyming vibe, with full zipper closure and various sacks and pouches to keep everything in place. The gold-plated logo badge center-front completes the look of your fashionable sports bag.

2. O.G. Duffle by Ampersand As Apostrophe

Finally, a genderless weekender gymnasium handbag is elegant, fabulous, and holds more than enough. Its features are practical, and it is a perfect fit for your gym. It has a lined interior with two pockets. 

You can even fit your shoes in there. It is also built with two types of stripes carried on the shoulder or in hand that are adjustable and detachable.

Custom-designed front exterior Bolt snap closure style for those who like it this way.

You could also see the signature gold foil stamped with the brand logo “AMPERSAND” on the front exterior. The matte black metal zipper completes the design with elegance. 

The bag’s dimensions are 18″ L X 11″ W X 11″ H. The leather material is newly tailor-made and painted Python textured. It is 100% genuine, embossed with the texture only. No Pythons(Snakes) were harmed while making these bags.

3. HALF TOTE by Ampersand As Apostrophe

If you want to get something simple and tired of the overrated expensive bags available on the market, this bag is for you. Do not let those bags’ high brands and even higher prices fool you again. 

The simplicity and elegance are what you need. Its fine architecture and shape can stuff many accessories that you need in the gym and outside. This activewear bag is also perfect for parties, meetings, dinners, and drinks. 

It is an easy-to-carry bag that is elegant for the lady on top of her style. You can wear it on your shoulder, arm, or crossbody and hold it in your hands, whatever you feel like. The new magnetic closure feature and the available colors will be a pleasant surprise for you.

The material is lightweight and sturdy. It feels soft upon touching. 

The Python textured leather is 100% original. However, the texture is designed and not from the original animal.

4. X-Pouch Clutch 

Gym or Party? Clutch or Pouch? Doesn’t matter at all. If you are looking for a bag that keeps your style high, grab this perfect clutch. It will go with any outfit, whether activewear or partywear. 

You can also present it to your friend who loves to collect bags of every style or has no bag. It fits all kinds of bags available at a very reasonable price. It has a large interior, zipper pocket, fabric lining, and dust bag.

100% genuine leather laced up with the Python texture (NOT REAL PYTHON!) and finished with a protective shield. The interior comprises natural suede and all the material obtained from ethical resources. Dimensions of the Bag: 7″ H X 6″ W X 3″ D.

5. MICRO TOTE by Ampersand As Apostrophe

This bag will touch your heart at first sight. It is not wrong to consider it the key to happiness for women looking for a decent activewear bag instead of an activewear Zebra Bag. We can describe it in many given features like Hands-free, Cosmopolitan, and Fun with a little edge.

Choosing two available colors would be very difficult for you because both are classy to carry anywhere. This activewear bag is what you could use to pop out the color in your wardrobe, your mood, and life too.

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Kickstart your gym session with the most spacious micro tote you have seen. You can also fit your car keys, wallet, specs, and mobile phone. Your goods are safe in the hidden zipper closure. There are 3 ways you can wear it: Crossbody, on the shoulder, and top carry.

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