How Do I Get A Custom Ring Made?

You might be having the impression that you should be a megastar or have a wacky taste to order a custom ring, but this isn’t the case. You can request a custom ring even as a regular person, with a regular taste. And the good thing is, there are all types of custom rings at different prices you can order.

The biggest determinant of the ring’s price is the price of the center stone. The more expensive the center stone, the more expensive the ring will be.

Are you wondering, how do I get a custom ring made? Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Find a reputable jeweler

There is no way you are going to get a good ring from a bad jeweler. The cool thing is that it’s easy to tell a good jeweler from a bad one—you only need to read the online reviews.

Of course, you should work with a jeweler with many positive reviews.

Step 2: Choose the center stone

From ruby, diamond, emerald, to sapphire, the world is your oyster when it comes to center stones. As mentioned above, the more expensive the center stone, the more expensive the ring, so choose the center stone with your budget in mind.

As you choose the center stone, choose a shape that matches your desired ring look.

Step 3: Choose the ring style

This is often the most challenging part as there are many ring styles to choose from. The most common styles include: halo, solitaire, asymmetrical, double halo, and others.

Most jewelers will allow you to play around with the various styles and even add the different stones until you get your desired ring style.

Ask your jeweler for directions if you aren’t sure how you would want your signet ring to look.

Step 4: Choose metal type and color

We make most of our rings here at custom ring jewelry with precious metals. Most of our rings are created in 18k gold, but we sometimes work with 14K.

For your ring to last and look good for long, we advise that you don’t go below 14k.

Step 5: Choose the right size

To avoid having to return the ring for being too big or too small, take time and find the right finger size for your ring. To help you understand how to measure your finger for a ring, we have made a ring size guide for you.

Step 6: Place an order

After you have settled on the type of ring you want, the next step is to place your order. After confirming your order and paying for it, your ring will be ready within 5-7 business days. A tracking code will be sent to your email, and you should have your custom jewelry within 15-20 days.

There you have it

It’s not hard to order your custom championship ring, is it? The key to enjoying the steps is starting the process early. This way, you have ample time to see what is available in the market and change your mind should you have to.

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