Top Five Tips to Make Alluring Custom Sweet Boxes

Sweets and candies are the favorite confectionery items for every person. And, the happiness and love of every event are incomplete without sweets. Due to this, brands produce mouth-watering and luscious sweets to serve their customers. But if you provide appetizing sweets and don’t pack them in catchy packaging, it will not attract your customers. On the other hand, when your gracious and opulent sweet boxes grab the customer’s attention in seconds. And if you want to make awesome sweet boxes, you need to use innovative ways to increase the beauty of sweet boxes. Now it’s time to see the tips you need to help you make enchanting sweet packaging. 

Use Metalized Boxes and Foil Stamping on Sweet Boxes 

The initial tip to give a royal and luxurious look to your sweets is to make them in metalized sweet boxes. These boxes are a little expensive, but the sparkling shine of the box clicks in customers’ eyes instantly. However, if you cannot afford fully-metalized boxes, you can go for hot foiling and cold foil stamping to make visible some features of packaging as per your budget. You can use foil stamping on sweet boxes to highlight the logo, brand name, and other info. Plus, find a packaging supplier who offers a variety of foiling shades for your sweet cartons. Some foiling stamping shades are entailing below for you. 

  • Rose gold 
  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • Burgundy 
  • Turquoise 
  • Bronze 
  • Teal
  • Gunmetal 
  • Soft pink 
  • Dark hot pink 

Go for Quality Cardstocks for Sweet Packaging  

The quality of your packaging portrays your first immersion for customers. So, always choose durable and robust-quality material for generating empty sweet boxes. In this regard, cardboard, Kraft corrugated, bux board, and rigid are preeminent options for your sweet packaging boxes. On this subject, you can customize the thickness range of material as per your need from 12pt to 24pt for sweet packaging. So, if you choose corrugated material, you also can use flutes according to your need. 

However you choose any packaging material, it must be eco-friendly and biodegradable for a sustainable environment. And Kraft and bux board boxes are the best eco-friendly choices. Also, you can use an equal blend of cardboard and Kraft with 50% for sweet packaging. 

Unique Design for Sweet Packaging Boxes

The design of sweet packaging boxes must be unique and capable of turning customers’ heads. So, print what you want on your packaging boxes according to your interest. Therefore, sweet suppliers have the right to play with multiple design patterns to create the titillating design for custom sweet packaging boxes. Here is the list of design patterns that you can use with your creative aspects for sweet boxes:

  • Intricate lines 
  • Floral designs 
  • Abstract design 
  • Geometrical shapes 
  • Polka dots 
  • Symmetrical design 

Nevertheless, you can choose any catchy and vibrant color combination to make product packaging adorable. So explain your desired shade to your packaging supplier, and they provide them with exact colors with CMYK and PMS colors. Thus, you can use bold colors, citrus hues, peachy shades, nude shades, pink shades, and muted shades. 

Choose Gable boxes, Sleeve Boxes, and 2-Piece Rigid Box for Sweet Packaging 

Along with the design, shades, and printed information, the style also offers unforgettable product unboxing experiences. Due to this, you need to use functional and tempting styles of boxes for sweet packaging. So you can go for gable boxes and sleeve boxes according to your choices. Some more styles of sweet boxes are mentioned below for you:

  • Hexagon boxes 
  • Pillow boxes 
  • Bookend boxes 
  • Flip-top boxes 
  • Handle boxes 
  • Four wall corner boxes 
  • Cylindrical box 
  • Top flower closure box 
  • Six wall corner boxes 

However, the use of a 2-piece rigid box style is best for custom sweet gift boxes that become the hot cake demand at events and festivals. People buy sweet gift boxes for gifting their loved ones. 

Add Embellishments to Make Them Esthetic

Along with the add-on, if you still want to add more value to your sweet boxes for gifts, you need to use decorative material that influences customers’ experiences. Moreover, you can use personalized notes, inserts, beads, and many small things inside your sweet gift cartons that make your customers happy. So, you can use buttons, laces, ribbons, stickers, and glitter tapes to decorate your sweet packaging. 


Encapsulation of Article 

The long and short of the above write-up explains the tips to make opulent and catchy sweet boxes. So, you can use foil stamping, quality material, unique design, functional, structural styles, and attractive design for your sweet packaging boxes. Moreover, you can add beads, laces, buttons, stickers, and many other options that you like to use to make your sparkling sweet boxes. Now it’s time to use these tips to create perfect-looking sweet boxes for your brand. 



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