Which Is Better for Your Skin: Shaving or Waxing?

Is waxing more advantageous than shaving? This is the most frequent query that we all have regarding the removal of our facial hair. In this article, we will let you know which one might be preferable.

What’s the procedure like?

Hair is removed with a razor during the shaving procedure, which is often performed at home. In this process, it just trims at the surface rather than removing hair from the root, which insists on being performed regularly as the regrowth takes place faster.

While waxing is a method of applying and removing wax directly to the area, in order to remove hair from the root. This waxing doesn’t require to take place frequently because it grabs the hair by the root, giving results that last much longer.

Which is better?

In our opinion, no matter how you look at it, waxing is better for your skin than shaving. The friction created by repeatedly running a razor over delicate and sensitive skin can result in red bumps, breakouts, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation, none of which are desirable.

Contrarily, waxing the skin actually exfoliates the hair removal areas and removes dead skin cells, which reduces hyperpigmentation and discoloration (even when these symptoms are brought on by prior shaving!). Pre and post-wax hygiene practices can assist in keeping the skin smooth, hair-free, and free of inflammation and discomfort.

Reasons why waxing is better than shaving

When it comes to hair removal, many individuals still choose to shave, although waxing is far ideal for several reasons, including saving you time, protecting your skin’s sensitivity, and safety. We reviewed the following benefits:

1. You can’t cut yourself

Several people who shave their intimate areas or any other areas of their body injure themselves, according to a survey conducted by a group of dermatologists. When you nick delicate skin, it hurts a lot, and you run the risk of getting an infection, especially if you reuse your blades.

2. It will last a lot longer

After shaving, the area quickly begins to feel prickly as hair begins to regrow. Instead, if you wax, you may have baby-bottom-smooth skin for over three weeks. Making time to shave as part of your beauty routine every couple of days when life is busy might be challenging.

3. The hair will grow back thinner

Many people who regularly wax their hair claim that the hair starts to grow back thinner, lighter, and even slower. Shaving causes the hair to be broken off at the thickest region of the follicle, making it appear thicker when it grows back.

4. It won’t always hurt as much as the first time

There is no getting around the fact that getting your hair waxed can hurt a little, especially if it’s your first time. However, the pain can be minimized by getting it done by a professional using high-quality wax. For instance, NOIR salon uses the most suitable and high-quality brands for waxing to ensure their customer’s satisfaction.

Additionally, it varies from person to person. A professional will also use pre- and post-care items to prepare the skin and calm and soothe hot or irritated skin after the procedure.

5. Better for sensitive skin

Shaving can worsen skin conditions, especially if you find yourself doing it every day or every other day. Raking your skin with a razor can cause itchy, painful irritation and severe, red rashes.

As we’ve already discussed, waxing gives you the option of selecting different suitable waxes and additional moisturizing elements. Additionally, a skilled professional will be taught to prepare your skin and care for it after hair removal and will be knowledgeable on how to handle various skin types.

6. Less likely to experience ingrown hairs

Even though ingrown hairs are a common complaint, they are much less likely in waxing than compared to shaving. Due to the fact that all of the hair is removed by waxing, including the roots, the regrown hair is tapered and thinner.

7. Helps to exfoliate your skin

Any dead skin cells that rise to the surface are also removed when the wax is taken off your skin. Your skin will feel healthy after the wax pulls the impurities, which will also aid to ward off skin disorders.

8. A better finish

In addition to exfoliating, selecting a quality wax also aids in reducing sun tan. It gives skin a better finish and a brighter appearance than shaving. The NOIR salon has a variety of waxing alternatives. Besides, it even has trained salon professionals that treat your skin with care.

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