Which Is Better for JEE Preparation: the CBSE Vs State Board

Selecting an academic board is one of the largest challenges for Indian students. Each state in India has its own board in addition to the individual state boards. There is a central board is known as the CBSE board. Regardless of which board you belong to, every student faces the same dilemma when preparing for the JEE exams: which board should you choose and Which will be the best one to score in the JEE? 

The CBSE board focuses on subjects such as science and math. On the other hand, State boards place a greater emphasis on regional language, local topics, and state-level issues. Furthermore, the CBSE board is easier to understand than the state board Syllabus and includes exercise and practice questions to help students assess their knowledge of the topic. 

 State Boards usually teach a routine-based curriculum that includes state dialects. It is a good option for parents who want to keep costs low while also encouraging their children to participate in extracurricular activities. 

CBSE provides you with an advantage as the syllabus is pursued by most active exams like JEE, NEET, etc. In comparison to the State Boards, the syllabus is more flexible and student-friendly. The emphasis is on students’ overall progress, with sports and extracurricular activities incentives. 

There are many best coaching centres for IIT JEE in Hyderabad and other states that assist students from both boards to complete their JEE syllabus. These coaching centres provide the best aptitude and have years of teaching experience.  The faculty explain every theory from the very basic or first level to provide a clear and accurate understanding of the content. 

Advantages of CBSE board in JEE

CBSE has some advantages over state boards. A few of which are listed below: 

  •  CBSE is more student-friendly than State Boards.

CBSE curriculum is designed to ensure that students do not face too much stress and that books are interactive and engaging. Furthermore, many entertaining activities are included between the chapters to allow students to learn while having fun.  It makes the entire process of imparting knowledge to students more creative and efficient.

  • Exams conducted by the CBSE board provide a great learning environment.

All steps were taken by the CBSE board to ensure that the learners gain knowledge from the entire procedure. They don’t need to memorize anything to pass the exams. The sheets are designed in such a way that they assess how much the students have learned. The results are generally positive, with very few students failing CBSE exams.

  • It is helpful For Students Who Expect to Join Prestigious Universities like IIT and AIIMS.

The CBSE curriculum will be extremely beneficial if you intend to pursue future studies from a centralized association such as an IIT or AIIMS. The primary exams for this organization are governed solely by CBSE, so if you completed your primary and secondary education on the CBSE board, you would have an advantage over others.

Advantages of the State Board in JEE

 There are some benefits of the State Board over CBSE, which are given below.

  •  When we compare the syllabus to that of other boards, we discover that it is limited. The curriculum emphasizes specific languages and communities. 
  • Many state councils have mandated that all schools employ only NCERT books. Which is necessary for students preparing for all-India exams.
  • In comparison to CBSE, the cost of education is quite low; parents who cannot afford expensive books, copies, and dresses for their children but still wish to educate them can apply to the state board.
  • The curriculum activities provided by state boards are very helpful for the students.


It is essential to get good grades in the board exams in order to get a good score in the JEE. The state boards are strict when assigning grades. Whereas the CBSE is lenient and offers many advantages in terms of curriculum and books. CBSE students can achieve a higher rank because the NCERT books are used for the CBSE board and JEE exams. Furthermore, because CBSE students are spread across India, many of them pass the JEE exams.  

IIT coaching centres in Hyderabad provide study material for a better understanding. They take separate doubt clarifying sessions, develop effective strategies, and several other factors to enable candidates to deliberately enhance and achieve the highest possible marks in the IIT JEE exam.

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