What is Optical Metrology

What is Optical Metrology

Optical metrology is the science and technology concerned with measurement using light. These measurements can focus on the properties of the light itself or on other properties such as distance.

4 Advantages of high accuracy measurement machine

4 Advantages of high accuracy measurement machine

Research Using Optical Metrology

Global optics specialist, Olympus Corporation offers a wide range of optical measurement products, some of which have been used in successful research studies.

Professor Robert Wood, working at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and his team chose the Olympus Lext OLS4000 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope as their optical metrology tool over other measurement tool.

The idea of using SEM was abandoned because it could not measure height, and the stylus profilometer was not used. This is because it could not measure vertical profiles such as the critical wall because of its square pyramid on its side wall. Shaped stylus tip. He collided with her and could not reach the bottom.

The Olympus OLS4000’s ability to easily measure deep cavities and 85° sloped walls was perfect for the research team, which aimed to measure the relationship between a natural insect wing, a micro-mechanized silicon mold, and a fabricated wing. It was successfully used for morphological measurements in the manufacture of micromolded and fabricated insect wings.

Developments in Optical Metrology

Automation is taking over a large proportion of manual industrial processes around the world. Companies are now also meeting the automation needs of optical measurement machine.

VIEW is a brand that develops and distributes optical measurement systems. It is primarily focused on applications such as 3D coordinate measurement, 3D digitizing, distortion measurement and quality control. The company provides fully automated optical metrology solutions to the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries, as well as to research centers and universities.

Future of Optical Metrology

Optical sensors are incorporated into portable coordinate and stationary measuring devices. Therefore vision measurement machine  enable operation of measurement and inspection to go beyond estimation of size and location and cover form with proper fit.

In the same way, scanners and optical digitizers are now adapted as precision optical measurement tools and video measurement system. Micro structures are now gain more popularity and benign developed for various industries. To measure these small structures results in major challenge for developing high resolution optical metrology.

International conferences help to showcase this type of innovative research and development and discuss solutions to existing challenges. About 400 scientists, engineers, researchers and applications and product developers participated in the SPIE Optical Metrology 2013 Conference in Munich. The same event is already has planned for june 2015.

Such developments of measuring vision system, will help expand the field of rapid, high-precision and non-destructive optical measurement to greater heights in the years to come. VIEW is one of the leading precision metrology companies in the world. It offers a full line of optical metrology systems for wafer, photomask, slider, MEMS semiconductor package, HDD suspension, probe card, and micro-component process measurements.

They offer Critical Dimensional Measurement Systems Seeing and measuring the Impossible. VIEW is a leading micro metrology brand that offers precise measurement of micro elements.

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