What is Neuro Physiotherapy?

Neuro Physiotherapy?

As the name says, Neuro physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that deals with the treatment of neurological disorders/impairments. Some examples of such disorders are Brain Injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. Well, at times it can become a bit difficult to understand the recovery of these neurological disorders through physiotherapy, because of the complexity of the nervous system.

These particular disorders can be treated only by physiotherapists who have sound knowledge about both the human nervous system and physical rehabilitation. Before moving further, let us try to understand some of the objectives of neuro physiotherapy with physiorevive.

Objectives of Neurophysiotherapy:-

Alike other branches of physiotherapy, neuro physiotherapy also aims to provide you with a better and healthier life, by treating your neurological disorders.

Neuro physiotherapy has a unique treatment program for each and every individual, as per the intensity of the disorder and type of disorder.

The initial assessment would include identifying the root cause, education of the problem, and a thorough check of the body for the right passage of treatment to be initiated and followed.

Once, an initial level of relief is established it is further followed by massage therapy, pilates, and personal training.

Do I need Neuro Physiotherapy?

As mentioned earlier, neuro physiotherapists are meant to help people who are suffering from neuro impairments, in order to reestablish themselves. Therefore, if you are suffering from any neurological disorder you must see a neuro physiotherapist.

Also, the impact of the treatment ways covered under neuro physiotherapy works differently, for every individual. It varies as per the following factors:-

Location of the damage in the nervous system

The extent of the damage to the nervous system.

Any other medical complications

Overall fitness level

Any ongoing medication

Stiffness of Joints

Overall Body Posture.

What Neuro Physiotherapy has to offer?

As mentioned before, neuro physiotherapy has the ability to treat people with neuro disorders and help them reestablish themselves, in order to lead a healthier life.  Rehabilitation as per neuro physiotherapy is the stage. In order to achieve the same neurological physiotherapy provides rehab wards in various hospitals and communities. And in order to ensure that the patients recover fully, it is very important to do a rehabilitation assessment before you actually begin the process. Depending upon the stage of your treatment, your doctor may suggest physiotherapy in the middle or at the end of the treatment.


Depending on the impairment, your physiotherapy treatment may include:

  • Passive Limb Exercises:
    Helps in case your arms and legs movements are restricted.
  • Positioning / Splinting:
    Correct positioning of limbs.
  • Bed Exercises:
    To stretch and strengthen your muscles
  • Breathing and Circulation Exercises:-
    To enhance the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Mobilization:
    To assist in carrying out daily movements.
  • Mobility Aids:
    This one is about how to use safety aids meant for supporting walking.
  • Discharge Planning:
    Post-discharge exercises and the equipment required for them.
  • Tailored Exercise:
    Exercises to develop strength and endurance.


Neuro physiotherapy has helped millions of people to recover from various neurological disorders. And, the methods are absolutely safe and effective. Physirevive has experience in the same field for the best therapy.

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