What Interest & Hobbies in Resume Should You Mention in your Resume?

Hobbies in Resume: Every job you apply for should be specifically targeted with your resume. Instead of copying previous outlines, consider the job requirements and include hobbies demonstrating the talents and personalities that companies may seek.

For example, Google is renowned for hiring outgoing and joyful staff members because, in addition to their educational credentials, they are interested in hiring people who would fit into their culture.

However, the undercover recruiter claims that clichés in resumes account for 50% of recruiters’ rejections.

Your interests and hobbies in your resume should reflect the talents companies seek without being obvious or dull.

The following interests and hobbies in a resume are worth considering, according to Business Insider, and each is appropriate for various job posts.


Yoga is a form of exercise that shows how to maintain composure and control under pressure. Additionally, it demonstrates self-mastery and a deeper comprehension of one’s emotions.

Due to the numerous human encounters in jobs like PR (Public Relations Management) and advertising, emotional management is necessary.

To prevent upsetting customers, work that also involves providing guest services in hotels necessitates emotional intelligence.

For example, a manager in a restaurant must maintain composure when dealing with rude patrons. Yoga is an excellent addition to your list if your profession requires a lot of engagement with people.

Strategic Games

Your enjoyment of strategic thinking is evident in your interest in chess games.

It is advantageous to have this kind of strength in positions where formulating policies and strategies is essential.

Video Production

By adding abilities like video production, you may demonstrate your knowledge of the tools used in journalism, television, and video creation.

In addition, as you demonstrate a deeper understanding of operations within the media sector, video production may be helpful when applying for employment openings in newspaper and magazine production companies.

Extreme Sport

Extreme sports like skydiving or mountain bike racing demonstrate your sense of adventure and willingness to face the uncharted.

Because they are prepared to go above and beyond expectations and take on issues head-on, these qualities are crucial for workers who want to advance into leadership roles.

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Bloggers are expressive, free thinkers, and effective communicators. When applying for writing and marketing jobs, a terrific blog complements your list of interests and hobbies. However, blogging also requires abilities beyond just writing.

Another leadership trait is the capacity to endure mockery and communicate bright ideas using well-organized language.

Include it in your list so employers can see how well you grasp the requirements for the job if your blog helps to spread knowledge about the sector in which the position is located.

Bloggers have a free mind, are expressive, and are skilled communicators. A top-notch blog is a fantastic addition to your list of interests and hobbies when applying for writing and marketing jobs. However, blogging requires abilities beyond just writing and image editing.

Musical Talents

Attention to tone and patience while learning is necessary for singing and playing musical instruments.

If you are competent in adding musical abilities to your resume, they may catch the eye of potential employers. Good music demands discipline and devotion.

Talents in music extend beyond the live-performing sector. For instance, performing in front of an audience without stuttering or coughing demonstrates confidence.

Captain of a Team Sport

Sports provide a platform for leadership to be seen outside of the office. Being a team captain in high-stress situations demonstrates that you are composed, capable of making decisions, intuitive, and understanding.

Include other leadership positions you have held in sports on your resume when applying for leadership positions; this will significantly increase your chances of getting an interview.

Captains are not only good leaders but also good team players who can think of practical, workable solutions in an emergency.


Travelling is an excellent way to show you can explore new areas and appreciate other cultures.

Traveling also exposes you to and provides advice on how to get by and enjoy various regions of the world.

If you are applying for a job as a travel agent, your chances of getting hired are higher if you are familiar with travel laws and have the advice to share with clients.

Tech Hobbies in Resume

According to a post from the Oxford Royale Academy, hobbies like coding and programming, as well as using Google Analytics data to practise digital marketing, are a perfect complement to careers requiring technical knowledge.

On the other hand, introverted hobbies in technology are advantageous for professions that value them.

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