What are the types of Driving Licenses in India?

When it involves driving, a driving license is one of India’s most crucial identity documents. Having a license earlier than driving a car is essential because it works as you permit to drive on Indian roads. Most people already understand what a driving license is in India. And in our driving school, we help you with your driving license application.

What is a driving license?  

A Driving license is a document provided by the Indian government. That allows people to drive distinctive kinds of automobiles on the road. In India, the license is issued by the Regional Transport Office or the Regional Transport Authority (RTO / RTA) of every state. The license is most normally called a DL. It enables confirming that the driver has:  

  •  Undergone the schooling and assessments required to drive a car in India, and is aware of all the traffic guidelines and regulations  
  •  The DL includes a registration number and a passport-sized photo of the license owner for the reason of identification. The driving license has a rubber stamp, the signature of the RTO officer-in-charge, and the address of the office that issued the DL.  

Types of driving licenses in India:  

Driving licenses are of various kinds, which might be issued primarily based on the car you want to drive. The following are the primary types of licenses of which you must be aware: –  

 Learner driving license In India, Learner’s license is issued to the candidate after he passes a written or online test that will check his understanding of road rules. After getting a Learner’s license, you can practice driving on public roads. If someone with a permanent Driving License follows you.  

Permanent driving license:

 After clearing the driving test, the permanent driving license takes around 30 days to be delivered. In many cases, a driving license cannot be used when a driving license can be misplaced, stolen, or damaged to quantity. In such situations, the Road Transport Authority can issue a duplicate license. Our driving school helps you with your online driving license application.  

International driving license:  

An International Driving Permit (IDP), often incorrectly called an international riding license, is a translation of a domestic driving license that permits. The holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country or authority that recognizes the document. If you wish to drive to foreign countries, you need to have IDP to drive, which will be issued in India.  

Light motor vehicle (LMV):  

Vehicles like jeeps and motor vehicles fall under the Light Motor Vehicle Category; however, those are of non-transport class. Vehicles without gears fall under this category, like scooters and mopeds. Like bikes with gears whose engine potential is 50CC or more. Typically, the RTO will use this acronym to tell the license holder that they are legally driving 4-wheelers. (Vehicles with white plates and black letters)  

Heavy motor vehicle (HMV):  

A heavy motor vehicle means a commercial car or automobile weighing 3 tons (2.7 tons) or more. Still, it does not consist of an ambulance, police, fire, or emergency utility vehicle. Visit your nearest RTO office and collect the Form.  

Step 2: Fill in Form 1A, which denotes your medical certificate.  

 Step 2(a): A Driver Refreshing Training Certificate is also required if the applicant has asked for an HMV driving license.  

Eligibility for a driving license in India: 

 To apply and get a driving license in India, eligibility relies upon the type of vehicle you want to drive.  

  1. For a motorbike without gears up to 50cc, the applicant should be at least sixteen years of age. The consent of a parent or guardian is essential if the applicant is under 18. 
  2. To collect a license for bikes with gear, the applicant needs to be 18 years old.
  3. For commercial heavy and transport vehicles, the applicant should have finished their education as much as 8th standard at the least and must be more than 18 years old. In a few states, the age requirement is 20 years. While applying for a driving license, you want to put up some of the files like your birth certificates, PAN card, passport, tenth standard mark sheet, transfer certificates from any school for any class together along with your date of birth published on it, AADHAR card, and so on. Know About These Documents in Detail 

            A standard requirement for obtaining a driving license is that the applicant needs to be well-versed with the traffic guidelines and rules and ought to have a legitimate address and age proof. Also, maintain track of the license’s expiry date because it will assist you in getting your driver’s license renewal method started on time so there is no gap in its validity. Our Driving School offers world-class training to help you emerge as a confident and responsible driver and assist in driving license apply for assistance. Come, get to know us better.

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