What Are the Top 3 Prerequisites to Become a MEAN Stack Developer?


A MEAN Stack Developer is a professional who has knowledge about the development process involving a specific set of technologies such as AngularJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, and NodeJS. A MEAN Stack Developer’s work profile is similar to any JavaScript-based application developer. It is a ubiquitous domain that dominates the web application created in the industry and it provides end-to-end solutions based on JavaScript serving all the requirements from clients to databases. It has caught the attention of widespread developers and higher-end businesses because it extensively utilizes single-page applications, which attenuates the need to refresh the web pages. Hence, you can construct a lucrative career in single-page application development utilizing your skills and certification upgrade from Mean Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon and other developed cities. Experience and constant learning are the keys to progressive growth in this field.

Now, let us jump over to the subsequent section and analyze the aspects of MEAN Stack Development that will prepare you for the profession.

Advantages of MEAN Stack Development

Several advantages convince the developers to choose MEAN Stack Development over other methodologies over other platforms. The application manufactured from the MEAN Stack framework works well in real-time and in native environments such as a dynamic webpage.

  • It gives users a user-friendly methodology for programming a wide range of software products. The Angular.js part existing in the framework renders the users with an easy way of developing dynamic software products. These products include the likes of workflow management tools, interactive forums, news aggregation sites, calendars, etc.
  • The main syntax applied in the coding process comprises JSON and JavaScript languages. Therefore, the methodology of integrating different components is much simpler and more effective.
  • Express and Angular have gained much prominence in recent years. They are extensively used to develop back-end and front-end facets of a dynamic application nowadays. Therefore, both of the components make it possible for programmers to code comprehensively and provide end-to-end solutions for robustness and responsiveness.
  • It is a ubiquitous framework for all types of applications involving Node.js syntax. Thus, the widespread use of the MEAN Stack framework makes it an ideal choice when building any kind of product. Notwithstanding the fact that users want to make an API or simplistic website, the framework has relevance everywhere.

Now, people sometimes confuse MEAN Stack with MERN Stack. Head over to the next section to get an idea about the primary difference.

Difference Between MEAN and MERN Stack

The abbreviation MERN is commonly utilized in the industry for the MEAN Stack that replaces the Angular component with React.js. Now, here the difference lies in the fact that React is a framework whereas Angular is a complete library. Though React offers a much more simplified way of programming applications, the Angular library offers users a faultless, high-performing, and stable methodology. Therefore, in high-enterprise applications, Angular is a top choice, and thus MEAN Stack becomes more relevant there.

Now, let us get over to one more section and analyze the career and remuneration prospects of MEAN Stack Developer.

Salary of a MEAN Stack Developer

MEAN Stack is a robust and widely-popular framework in high enterprises for developing utility web applications. It integrates the features of AngularJS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS to offer a centralized framework for programming. The robustness and high accessibility of the programming environment lead to high demand for the framework and developers. Therefore, naturally, the job prospects of skilful developers in the industry is high for many years. Furthermore, since the use is more extensive in the high-enterprises than small ventures, thus, the job prospects are more considerable in the top companies. If you are a programmer in this field in India, then you will commence from the salary range of ₹4.2LPA. However, the upper range of salary range goes well beyond ₹12LPA depending upon the company you are joining.


The above article was a short description of starting facts you should keep in mind when you enter the profession. The advantages, salary prospects, and the difference between MEAN and MERN Stack are necessary for beginning programmers to understand. However, it is a vast field, and there is a need for professionals to upgrade their skillsets from predominant IT training sources such as Mean Stack Developer Training in Noida or other parts of NCR. It is preferable to opt for a course from metropolitan cities because of the high accessibility of resources and high expertise of faculties.

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