What are the Common Garage Door Problems?

If you want a new garage door or just to repair your old garage door, we can help you with that!

If you want a new garage door or just to repair your old garage door, we can help you with that!

Garage doors are an important part of everyday life, but they often run into issues. While you can encounter other problems, the most common garage door issue is unusual noises. With all the use, it’s no surprise that garage door problems can be a common headache for most homeowners. Here are some of the most common garage door problems and how to repair a garage door:


  1. Unusual noises

If your garage door is making noises that it normally wouldn’t do, it usually means that there are parts of your garage door pressing against each other and need lubrication to stop them from rubbing. When your garage door starts creaking, squeaking, or grinding, you should assume that some of the moving parts of your garage door need lubrication or fixing. Other parts such as worn rollers or cables can also cause noise and the best method of removing this noise is to replace them.


  1. Not closing all the way

There are a few problems that can cause your garage door to not close all the way. In the case of automatic doors, it might be due to the obstructions or limit switch. A professional like Green Eagle Garage Door Company can analyze limit switch issues to make sure the system is correctly working. With manual garage doors, broken cables, bent tracks or worn parts are a common problem, and that’s why a garage door might not close all the way.


  1. Stuck garage door

A garage door should easily move along its tracks to open and close, keeping your property and possessions secure. However, the door might start sticking during operation or get completely stuck. This issue may stem from a bent track or a broken moving part like a pulley. You should call a professional to get your garage door inspected and get any damaged parts replaced.


  1. Worn out springs

Extension springs or torsion springs connected to cables and pulleys counterbalance the garage door. These springs provide a counterforce to the weight of the door and allowing it to be raised and lowered with just a few pounds of force applied. These springs are under constant pressure and eventually they wear out causing you to use a lot of force to open the door. You should leave the task of replacing or repairing garage doors to experienced professionals.


  1. Roller Issues

The rollers in your garage door system can last for different periods depending on the material they are made from including plastic, steel, or nylon. Old or rusted rollers can cause problems with opening your door.


  1. Lubrication has been neglected

You should lubricate and maintain garage door openers regularly. You should also lubricate other components such as the screw drive operator rails regularly. Chain and belt drives don’t usually need lubrication, so please keep this in mind even if some garage door repair companies tell you differently.


  1. Cracks or gaps in door

Not only can cracks and splits look unappealing, but they can also affect the integrity and secure nature of a garage door. You will need to immediately replace any sealants showing signs of wear and tear. You will also need to repair cracks in wooden doors to restore their quality.


Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tips

A proper maintenance schedule can prevent many garage door problems. Here are a few solutions you can use to help prevent them from happening in the first place:

  • Brush and lubricate the rollers and tracks at least every change of season to slow down wear and tear and prevent dirt buildup.
  • Tighten the hardware to prevent loose pieces from causing noises and other problems.
  • Check the springs and pulleys to make sure they’re in shape. These should be replaced from time to time by professionals.


Reliable Repairs with Green Eagle Garage Door Company

If you want to have your garage doors repaired, Green Eagle Garage Door Company is the place to go. The company is your go-to service company for garage doors in Texas. They’ve been serving the area for many years, and look forward to adding you to their list of happy customers here in their neighborhood.

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