What Are the Advantages of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

The main advantages of In Vitro Fertilization by Center for Reproductive Endocrinology

The main advantages of In Vitro Fertilization by Center for Reproductive Endocrinology.


In Vitro Fertilization is a reproductive treatment that has been revolutionizing fertility treatments for women. An egg cell is fertilized outside of the body during the treatment process. The process allows couples to overcome fertility issues and helps families grow. Achieving a successful pregnancy and conceive a healthy baby is the ultimate goal of IVF. Here are some of the major benefits of IVF treatment from Center for Reproductive Endocrinology:


High Success Rate & Safety


IVF is one of the most effective fertility treatments available. The strategy employs the few medications with the lower negative effects. IVF with PGT has the highest success rate of all of the other assisted reproductive options. The treatment ensures a successful pregnancy. Methods like IUI do not guarantee success even after a lot of effort. Patients under the age of 35 have a higher rate of success. Patients in their late 30s can also have good results. IVF can not only effective but it is also safe. IVF can maximize the chance of older patients conceiving.


Fertility Preservation


People’s biological clock begins to slow down as they become older. IVF allows a patient to freeze eggs at a young age that can be conceived later with the use of IVF. IVF treatment can now help women of all ages become mothers. Individuals often preserve eggs for research or donation if they are in good condition. IVF treatment can be especially helpful to women who have undergone treatment that can impact fertility.


Prevent Inherited Diseases in Child


IVF with pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT) is one of the most reliable techniques for individuals who are carriers of genetic illnesses. This procedure can be crucial in screening embryos for chromosomal problems including Down’s syndrome, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) can boost the odds of a successful outcome.


A Reduced Chance of Miscarriage


A genetic mutation in the body is one of the most common causes of miscarriage. PGT is along with IVF to identify whether an embryo is genetically viable ahead of time, increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy. It can be helpful in preventing the grief and trauma of a miscarriage for families.


Donation of Eggs or Sperm


Optimistic parents aren’t often able to generate viable eggs or sperm. IVF treatment uses donated egg, donor sperm, or both. Same-sex couples can use donated eggs and sperm to conceive through IVF. The treatment is also used for surrogate in the quest for kids. The egg are manually fertilized in the clinic and a resulting, viable embryo is available for IVF in such cases. This treatment is extremely helpful for people with fertility problems.


Call the Center for Reproductive Endocrinology (CRE) if you’re having trouble starting a family. You can chat with one of their double board-certified specialists about how procedures like IVF can help you reach your goals. During a consultation, they conduct a thorough study to determine whether IVF or one of our other reproductive treatments is the right option for you.

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