What Are Good Topics to Start Research Paper on Algorithms?

Literature is the backbone of research. It is the ultimate solution to all research-based problems. It provides complete guidance about ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘then’ aspects of solving a research problem. The literature will be your only supporting partner whenever you have difficulty creating a research problem, formulating a hypothesis, selecting the best method to solve a research problem, and choosing the type of data that best depicts trends regarding the suggested topic of interest. In short, no matter what type of research problem you are facing, literature reading is the best supporting material you must review. This article at Posting Guru is all about stating a similar problem ‘Exploring good topics to start a research paper on Algorithms.

Choosing the right topic for writing a research problem is another big problem you can solve by reading literature. To solve this problem, we will survey the literature and present some examples of the good research topic on Algorithms to get a quick overview. This article will also describe some steps that will aid you in starting your research on Algorithms.

1. Step to select a topic for starting a research paper on Algorithms:

Algorithms are an important part of machine learning. Before starting research on Algorithms, you must first know what Algorithms are. The most practical method to start research on this vital machine learning component is to review what people and researchers already know about this word. Furthermore, understanding the significance of researching Algorithms is an effective method of developing an interest in this field. The following section brings you a brief description of these two aspects as a first step to starting a research paper on Algorithms:

1.1 To know the basics of Algorithms:

  • Importance of research on Algorithms in Machine Learning:

Algorithms in machine learning are important. It enables us to play chess, make strategies, and perform more personalised tasks on our laptops and mobile phone screens. Nowadays, humans are living in an era of rapid technological progression. By renewing the progress in machine learning over ten years, we will come to know what facilities it will bring to us in the days ahead. Thus, research on algorithms in machine learning is important as it can make the world more digitally advanced in the future. Hence, hiring a cheap dissertation writing service becomes important for it.

  • Algorithm- A brief introduction:

Generally, the term Algorithm is common in computer sciences. It refers to the way of solving a given problem. Stated in another way, the instructions to the computer to solve certain problems are called Algorithms. In machine learning, Algorithm is a specific procedure that uses the given instruction to create a machine learning model. Such Algorithms work on the pattern recognition method to facilitate the machine in performing a particular task.

1.2 Select on Algorithms that you want to explore through research

Algorithms are of three types: supervised learning, reinforcement and unsupervised. Thus, to select the best topic, you must first clear which type will be more appropriate for solving your machine learning-related problems.

1.3 Conduct preliminary research

Along with Algorithm selection, you must select problems related to machine learning and other matter that you want to solve through research. For example, it includes making computer software to visualise nerves on your automated computer screens. Once you select a problem and a type of Algorithm, the next step is to search it for finding the most suitable terminologies related to the selected issues and Algorithm.

1.4 Use Google Scholar and other databases to conduct thorough research

To select the best key terms for your research paper on Algorithms, you must use Google Search Engine before using any specific database. Google Search Engine is the best platform for conducting preliminary research on a topic. Once your mind starts understanding definitions in a single glance, you can go for subject-specific databases to get deep insights. Google Scholar is the most common database that helps all researchers to collect information on a topic of interest regardless of the discipline. Subject-specialised databases are the perfect options if you have decided on a topic on which Google Scholar is not providing in-depth information. The most popular databases for researching machine learning and artificial intelligence include:

  • Elasticsearch.
  • DynamoDB.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • Apache Cassandra.
  • MySQL.
  • DynamoDB.
  • MLDB and many more

2. Some good topics to start a Research paper on Algorithms

Keeping in mind all these important steps, we formulated some important research paper topics that you should consider to decide on an impressive topic for writing your paper on Algorithms. The following is a list containing research topics on Algorithms:

  1. Exploration of problem-solving approaches important in Determining Moments of a flying object by using the Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
  2. Investigation of non-complex statistics-driven Algorithms for increasing knowledge regarding Colour coding and Grayscale among graphic designers
  3. Innovations in Digital Signal Processing System by transforming traditional fixed-point processing systems
  4. Comparison between Two-Dimensional Finite Element Method and Three-Dimensional Finite Element Method and its application in Cross-Ply Laminates.
  5. Application of three-tree decision making in Sustainability Monitoring with Robotic Accounting.
  6. Discovery of Spawn locations via Autonomous Robot Simulations in Dynamic and Complex environments.
  7. Role of Supervised and semi-supervised Algorithms in Ambient Assisted Living
  8. A most practical method to make an educational, social media application for Higher Education System in England, the UK
  9. Diagnosis of diseases using machine learning algorithms and techniques, such as the Tensor Flow Toolkit
  10. Development of software by using Algorithms for personality recognition based on voice processing.

Bottom lines:

Research is difficult for students until they fully understand how to conduct it. Researchers have to face several problems, but they must not take these problems on their nerves. The best solution to get out of any research problem is to study as much literature as possible. The current article discussed a similar problem selection of a good topic to start a research paper on Algorithms. It explained different steps to finding the best topic using the internet and listed ten good research topics on Algorithms by exploring literature and the steps mentioned above. You can also get ideas for your research paper from this list and create your list by following the above.

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