Use Of WhatsApp Spy App In School /College Management

The routine of people living in every corner of the world took an ugly turn when a deadly virus attacked the world in 2020. There was complete lockdown, no public gathering, and many other major changes in the everyday life of earth residents.  We are slowly transitioning out of that phase after vaccination. But still, the fear of a sudden outbreak is there and we have to be prepared. At first, there was no school college, office, or any routine work, and people were told to stay in their homes. It was a time when many of us took a vacation after a long time. Well technically using the vacation term for lockdown periods can hurt the sentiments of many but still. It was a dormant and rest period. After that organizations started to slowly find their way out and the term of remote working and remote learning.

The use of online platforms to work or to attend classes was the trend that started after the pandemic and is since being used now and then according to the circumstances. Take the example of an academic organization like schools and colleges.  At first, it was a tough call to use a special system specified for a particular school or college. That calls for some major amendments and projects from the IT department and not all schools and colleges are capable to handle such a situation.

To replace it many private schools started using instant messenger chat apps to interact with the parents of the students and to manage the school work. For example, take the example of Whatsapp the extraordinary feature can be smartly used to handle a small educational facility. I am here with some tips that can make this journey a little more easy and more manageable for you. I am talking about the use of the WhatsApp spy app to manage the daily school-related activities that involve teachers and students.

Why WhatsApp Spy App:

Let’s suppose you run a private school that has some thousand students. You want to share a particular announcement with the student’s parents. what are your options if you are using an instant messenger chat app like Whatsapp? You can send a group message but that offers limited service. Whatsapp broadcast is another option that can be used but still they limit the user to some hundred contacts as the audience. Now what?. Maybe that was not the smart choice. Maybe you need to switch to another app. But nop before that you must explore other interesting features. Moreover, to keep a check and balance on all the academic activities. It is necessary to keep an eye on the employee’s activities and correspondence with the parents and students.

What Do You Know About WhatsApp Marketing?

Whatsapp marketing is simply a feature that can be used to market your product or service. Let’s take the example of a firm school or college perspective. Let’s say the new academic year is starting with some change or you are introducing some new interesting subjects or some professional teacher has joined your institution how will you let the people know.

Well, the conventional method will be publishing pamphlets or hanging a banner around the institution Gate. But by using the WhatsApp marketing feature. You can share the news and market about the new addition with minimum efforts to more people. Don’t forget to monitor every step of the marketing campaign or content by using the WhatsApp monitoring app as it will report you about every step in detail with screenshots and small recordings. You can make any amendment to the content if you want as well.

Have You Tried WhatsApp ChatBots:

To interact with many people at the same time one can use the WhatsApp chatbot feature. For example, take away the burden from teachers and share the parent-teacher meeting date and time with parents through the WhatsApp chatbot feature. You can even check the availability of parents as well by just compelling them to answer with yes or no. The Whatsapp chatbot automatically updates any change of schedule and timely delivers the message.

Make use of these interesting features offered by the instant messenger chat app but don’t forget to monitor every step through the WhatsApp spy app.

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