Tips For Choosing The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Finding the right foundation for your skin tone can be a little tricky, particularly when you consider that Indian complexions are some of the most varied in the world.

Getting a good foundation for you is a tough task. There are various factors that play an important role to show a good and a bad face in every woman.

Finding the best foundation for indian skin is not easy. That’s why I am writing this article. I have written it with the hope that you can find your perfect shade quickly with my help.

It’s never too early to plan ahead. Start by thinking about your skin tone, undertone and skin type to find the right foundation for Indian skin. You might know terms like ‘skin-tone’ and ‘undertone’. While people use the term skin tone to simply describe the colour of our skin, when we talk about the undertone, it defines the colour beneath our skin.

Skin tone Vs Undertone – what’s the difference?

Skin tone is the natural colour of your skin, while undertones play an important role in finding the perfect foundation. Undertone is the colour of your skin’s under part, that’s why people with a tan or very dark skin sometimes might need to find a foundation in another colour than their own. A person with a warm undertone tends to have cooler shades in their skin. Some other people have a pink or yellow undertone and yellow or olive undertones. No matter the undertone you have, for the perfect match, your chosen shade of foundation should be within two to three tones around the undertone you currently have on your skin.

If your skin looks pinkish or reddish, or you turn red in the sun, you are probably cool-toned.

 If you have a skin tone that is close to the ground tones of brown, yellowish, or golden brown then your undertone is most likely warm. Warm-toned skins often have blondish hair and blue or green eyes. Our colour range of foundations includes a foundation with a neutral undertone, the perfect foundation for Indian skin.

Different skin tones will require different foundation tones. The most important thing is to determine the undertone of your skin before choosing a foundation that works perfectly.

Of course, there are a couple of other factors that determine the choice of foundation for Indian skin. Sebum production, texture, temperature and weather condition are some of them.

5 steps to choosing the perfect foundation for Indian skin tones:

Now that we have understood what skin tone, undertone, and skin types are, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for getting the foundation that is just right for your skin.

1. Determine the undertone

If your skin burns easily, it means that you have a cool undertone. If you get tanned easily, then you have a warm undertone. The white paper method – Before starting your makeup, hold a white sheet of paper in front of your face. If it appears to be yellow, your undertones are warm, if it appears rosy, your undertones are cool. If it’s neither or difficult to tell, your undertones are neutral. 

2. Determine the right skin tone

To determine your skin tone, just wash your face with water, and after 15 mins look at your face in natural light. You will instantly understand if the skin tone is – fair, medium tan or dark tan. Also, the right foundation will seamlessly blend with the colour of the skin.

3. Consider the skin type

 Understanding your skin type is critical when choosing the right foundation. Your skin will change if you use the wrong foundation. You should consider what your skin is like in different weather conditions and at different times of the year.

4. The swatch test

A lot of girls prefer to test a foundation shade by swatching it on the wrist first, but this is incorrect as it doesn’t test the shade well. The skin tone of your wrist is lighter than what we have on our faces. Therefore, if you apply the foundation on your face and it’s the wrong shade, it will look too pale or dead-looking. Hence, do use a mirror like this one to make sure the texture, coverage and colour suit your skin type. You can also check out the best sun cream from lotus herbal.

5. Understanding the coverage requirement

Depending on the kind of look you’re aiming for, a good foundation can make or break your makeup. Whereas some only want light coverage for an everyday look, others need a full coverage foundation to cover all blemishes, sweaty areas and so on.

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