Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best SAP HANA Consulting Providers

SAP HANA Consulting Service

Suppose you are the CIO or the decision-maker of any SAP HANA project. You already know that it is not just the easy hardware selection matter. You know that the right implementation either can lead you to expensive failure or can give you long-term business success.

Therefore, choosing the best SAP HANA Consulting providers is like a mission for your organization. For this reason, you must take your steps carefully with a strategic plan. So, to help you make your decision, we will list some things you should look for before hiring SAP HANA consulting services.

sap s 4hana service management
sap s 4hana service management

The Role of SAP HANA consultants

Before knowing the factors you need to look for before selecting the best SAP HANA Consulting providers, you need to know their roles and responsibilities. The SAP HANA is considered a powerful technology, but it might be complicated from an operational point of view.

So, you need to hire someone who will maximize your business success while minimizing the risk at every project stage. However, the roles of the SAP HANA consultants are:

  • The SAP HANA consultant will first understand your business needs from the point of reporting management. Then, they will give their deep insights after understanding your business’s key points using their expertise and knowledge.
  • An important task of the SAP HANA professional is that they need to map their customer’s requirements. In addition, they generally provide training to their peers to make them understand the SAP system. It is important because it impacts the overall system performance greatly.
  • Another important role of SAP HANA professionals is carrying out the necessary upgrades in the company’s existing system or designing a new one that might be way more efficient than before.

 Things to Look for Before Selecting SAP HANA Consultant

SAP HANA is mainly an in-memory data platform that makes it simpler to process the high storage data in short and real-time. HANA’s in-memory data processing engine allows the system to collect and transform data directly from the RAM instead of the hard disk.

As a result, it eventually leads to quicker real-time analysis and result generation. However, now let’s discuss what you should look for while selecting the best SAP HANA consulting providers for your company.

  1. Size

You need to understand the size of hardware that your organization mainly needs. It is important when it comes to implementing any new project. SAP mainly provides businesses with Quicker Sizer tools that calculate several things like storage, memory, and the amount of CPU needed for your system. So, it is important to have a reliable expert for project sizing. In addition, you can opt for SAP S4 HANA service management which will help you directly with your project sizing.

  1. Planning Your Installation

If your business has determined what your SAP HANA infrastructure will look like, your company needs to start installing it. It is where the SAP HANA consultants come into the picture. Of course, the SAP project team of your business needs their system to run faster, but rushing can not give you a successful result.

Therefore, the installation must be done by trustworthy professionals to meet the standards of your need for both on-premises deployment and hybrid IT solutions. So, when you choose the best SAP HANA consulting providers, make sure that they provide you with a guarantee to address particular considerations that are needed for your organization.

walkme sap s4 hana consultant
walkme sap s4 hana consultant
  1. Creating a Detailed Design Plan

Almost every organization is now opting for pre-packaged standard SAP HANA appliances when choosing hardware. But, nowadays, larger enterprises are looking for a more flexible SAP TDI (Tailored Datacenter Integration).

So, if you are also looking for the same, select the best SAP HANA consulting providers. They will offer hardware that will support disaster recovery, high availability, TDI, etc. Choose someone who will make the most out of it.

  1. Ensure Future Support

When you work with someone, it shouldn’t end once you are done with your project. Therefore, selecting someone who ensures you provide future support is necessary. It is possible that after SAP HANA installation, you may face several issues. To solve any problem, make sure that your support team will always be there to help in any situation in the future.


If you keep in mind all the points mentioned above while choosing the best SAP HANA consulting providers, you will reduce your company’s risk. Through this, you can get high performance and better outcomes. However, the main key to choosing the best one in the market is knowing their track record of reliable implementation consulting and the best-in-class hardware.



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