The Latest Miro Pricing vs Quickbase Pricing Guide

The Miro software is a whiteboard tool designed to bring collocated and remote teams to work together. It was created in 2011 and provides solutions for product management, engineering, sales, and marketing. The Quickbase software was developed in 1999 and it supports low-code app development. It supports various functions like supply chain management, HR, CRM, and field services.

The following Miro pricing vs Quickbase pricing will illuminate the subscription options as well as features listed on each.

Miro Pricing

The Miro software provides solutions for:

  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • UX & Design
  • Sales

The Miro software can be used to ideate as well as execute through multiple features for brainstorming, project management, hybrid work, agile workflows, and diagramming. There are five Miro software pricing charts which means that they can be used by teams of various sizes:


The free plan has limited features like access to premade templates library. You can also optimize core integrations like Zoom, Microsoft, One Drive, Box, Sketch, and several others. And the last feature is that you will have access to basic attention management tools. You can follow what the users are up to and you can also bring users to the same board.


The Miro cost of the team pricing plan is $8 and it can be utilized by fast-growing teams. In addition to the free features, it can also be used to invite unlimited viewers and customize templates. Additionally, you can make projects and manage them through this subscription plan too. If you want to keep some information private, private boards are available too. You can manage private information and share it only if it is necessary.


The business pricing plan costs $16 and it is ideal for users who want advanced collaborative tools. It provides Miro Smart Diagramming so you can use advanced shapes that are provided in shape packs such as Business Process Modeling Notation and Data Flow Diagram. When it comes to meeting management, you will be able to use multiple tools provided by the Miro Smart Meetings feature.

The single sign-on process can be established through Okta, OneLogin, and various others.


The enterprise-scale features include SIEM integrations, data governance, and centralized account management. Similarly, you can access automated user and license management. The dedicated success feature makes the Miro enterprise stand out as it will help you apply best practices for your business to optimize its features.


The consultant plan charges $12 and it is used to facilitate separate workspaces for clients. The workspaces are private and secure. You will receive access to custom templates and frameworks. Moreover, there are no minimum seat requirements so you can work flexibly.

Additionally, you can invite unlimited guests to view the boards. The consultant plan also supports Miro Smart Meetings and Miro Smart Diagramming.

QuickBase Pricing

The Quickbase software gives you access to see a project from all angles. It is a system designed to match the requirements of the shifting nature of modern processes without missing a beat. Moreover, it focuses on eliminating supply chain conflicts or a lagging system for field workers. It is, furthermore, useful in automating workflows and making sure that you are not wasting time on repetitive manual tasks. It can be useful for:

  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources
  • Field services
  • Project management

QuickBase software is used in multiple industries like construction, healthcare, government, real estate, manufacturing, and several others. There are many options to choose from when it comes to Quickbase pricing. Here are the subscription plans and what they have to offer:


The team pricing option costs $600 and can be used to create up to 500 apps, and automate workflows as well. You can also integrate apps and data into your workflows too. You can easily access mobile-ready applications thus ensuring that your time is saved.

There are many governance options including an admin console and base encryption among a few others. Likewise, it covers a variety of support and enablement services like self-paced eLearning, community support, and case-based support.


For users that seek a diverse range of tools for business-level management options, this could be a great option. It costs around $2,000 and covers multiple features. For starters, it can be used for 100 customizable applications. Secondly, it also encompasses all the features that are listed on the team option.

You can, furthermore, simplify user provisioning through Identity and Access Management systems. This pricing plan also accommodates the ability to maintain audit logs. Whereas, users can access the mobile application even when they are offline.


The enterprise plan, to begin with, is customized to fit your requirements. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will accommodate your business. It also supports flexible licensing options implying per user and usage-based licensing. The on-premises connectivity lets you import important data to the platform and ensures that you are able to maintain a centralized system of knowledge for your work.

Quickbase Reviews

According to the Quickbase reviews, it can be assumed that it has been successful in providing a reliable source for app development and project management.

Quickbase Demo

The Quickbae demo can be accessed by filling in a quick form available on the website. You can use the demo to learn about the functions and what they can do for your business by watching the demo.

Miro vs Quickbase

The Miro software supports dynamic workflows by letting users collaborate through a whiteboard. It is equally helpful in collaborating and letting you track the activity of users to maintain engagement throughout the meetings and conferences. On the other hand, the Quickbase software provides app management solutions with no-code automation and can be applied for heavy-duty requirements. It integrated numerous features so you can fine-tune your processes and avoid disruptions in your business.



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