Starting A Small Business Together With Your Children

To be clear, children need to play a lot, especially unstructured play. It’s how they get knowledge of their surroundings! But because I believe in maintaining a healthy balance, a mix of work and leisure seems like the best course of action.

Additionally, there are a ton of fantastic kid-friendly business ideas! Why not assist them in starting one this summer? This list is mostly comprised of companies that permit (or mandate) the outdoor recreation of children since, in case you didn’t know, that’s kind of my thing.

Another nice thing is that because these suggestions are so adaptable, they may be used with children as young as 3 years old and as old as teenagers. Additionally, the seed has been sown even if you merely play around with the notion of starting a business with younger children. Here are five kid-friendly business concepts to get you going!

Market jewelery.

Although this concept is quite general and perhaps a bit overused, people will nevertheless purchase it for all of eternity. Additionally, it’s not too difficult to make, and there is a lot of space for creativity. Here is a suggestion for some original nature necklaces that your kids might create and sell! Another interesting yet straightforward project for slightly older children is this wire-wrapped pebble necklace.

Lemonade stand

This is THE original of all kid-friendly business concepts, as I already explained. But that doesn’t mean it should be disregarded! They can assist you in preparing and pouring a pitcher of lemonade, which is a relatively easy product. Here’s a simple DIY lemonade stand design that you can make from crates that your kids can play with afterwards.

A produce stall

Another kid-friendly business idea that builds on the concept of a stand is this one. This one might be appropriate for you if you have a garden. The majority of gardeners I know frequently have far more produce than their own family can consume. Why not let your children sell the surplus?

A floral stand

One of my favorite kid-friendly business concepts is this one! People frequently pay a large price for flowers, which is indicative of how frequently they buy them. Next spring, create a spot in your garden and start a tiny cut flower garden if you really want to go for it.

Alternately, if you already have a wide assortment of flowers available, let your children choose and assemble their own bouquets. Also available are bouquets made of wildflowers! Set up a booth and distribute samples.

Mowing the lawn.

One of the kid-friendly business concepts that works particularly well for teens is this one. In fact, this could turn into a rather successful enterprise! First, spread the news among your friends, family, and neighbors. They can use this app to find local clients as well.

Making of furniture.

This is one of the kid-friendly business concepts that might seem a little over the top, but our three-year-old picked it! He enjoyed helping us measure, install the screws, sand, and paint everything, even though we were obviously the ones doing the majority of the labor.

If your children are a little older, learning this skill is quite important. Not to mention that furniture is a commodity that you might be able to sell for a respectable profit. Start off easy with some really simple furniture, such as this side table or some of these crates-to-furniture projects.

Or think of other straightforward home accents, such as a hanging rack or a rope basket. The point has been made, but I could go on. There are countless options!

Vehicle washing

When it comes to business opportunities for youngsters over the summer, this is a fantastic chance! All that’s required to clean up a dirty car is a bucket, some soap, and a sponge.

Walking a dog

Another traditional business plan for youngsters is this one. I assume kids adore dogs. And how many dog owners do you already know who would likely pay for someone to play fetch or take their dog for a walk? Not to mention that the only item you might need to purchase is a leash, although the majority of dog owners likely already have one on hand.

Market an easy craft.

Try garden pavers, birdhouses, wind chimes, sun catchers, etc. (Yes, I’m picking only crafts for the outdoors, but feel free to pick anything.)


Send your kids out into the community to offer to collect sticks, pine cones, and other yard waste for neighbors. Even older children could perform some simple landscaping jobs. While someone is on vacation, offer to water their plants for them. Another excellent business idea for youngsters, this one can continue throughout the fall and winter with leaf raking and snow shoveling.

Young Artists

Does your child enjoy doing crafts? If they decide to pursue a career in the arts, getting them started early can help them create a portfolio and develop important entrepreneurial skills from the outset.

Isabella Rose Taylor, 13, attended a summer sewing program at the request of her parents, who also assisted her in creating her own clothing line and amassing a sizable social media following. Taylor’s designs are currently available at Nordstrom; they made their runway debut during New York Fashion Week.

Set up an Etsy shop with your children if they enjoy creating tiny crafts like ornaments or designing unique shirts or bags.

Love the season? To lessen the strain of holiday shopping, kids might start a gift-wrapping business or design and sell original holiday items. This is a company that will never feel like work if your child is passionate about making homemade things. What better way to learn the importance of following your aspirations than by pursuing an artistic career? Through borrowing from and repaying the Bank of Dad for early material and production charges, they will also gain knowledge of budgets and loans.

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