Recommendations to buy cleaning carts

Cleaning carts allow you to customize and combine multiple elements that help integrate hygiene products and facilitate their transport.

Cleaning carts allow you to customize and combine multiple elements that help integrate hygiene products and facilitate their transport.

Cleaning trolleys are a facilitator for hygiene tasks and help to integrate all the elements necessary for cleaning in the same space.

But, their offer is so wide that sometimes the decision to buy cleaning carts becomes more difficult than it should be.

To simplify our choice, we only have to study the needs of our workspace. In this article, we will answer a series of questions that will help us define our decision when buying cleaning carts.

 What cleaning products do you usually work with?

 Defining the products we need for cleaning and disinfection tasks will help us determine the type of car that suits us.

For example, if we only need to transport a bucket and a mop, we can opt for exclusive mopping carts, which have smaller dimensions.

On the other hand, if during cleaning we resort to cleaning and disinfecting solutions, mops, different buckets, multiple cloths and other hygienic tools, we will consider using a cart with a more complete structure.

Do you apply a color code for cleaning products?


Color coding cleaning products is beneficial for many reasons. However, it also means having to carry a larger number of products.

In this case, large trolleys with multiple compartments will make transportation easier and, in addition, will help us keep different colored tools separate.

 Do you need help dosing chemicals?

 We can use detergents or disinfectants in their pure state or diluted in water, which is the most common.

To obtain and transport these solutions, we have two options: prepare them in advance in a space designated for this purpose and place them in different buckets with hermetic lids inside the cart, or have a dosing system integrated into the cleaning cart itself.

At SCS Group we can offer you the Dosely system, which is used to impregnate cloths or mops in a comfortable and controlled way .

Is there a high risk of bacterial contamination in your workplace?


 Healthcare environments such as hospitals or nursing homes present a high risk of bacterial contamination and other microbes.

To prevent cross-contamination problems, it is recommended that all cleaning tools have a hygienic design. With smooth and continuous surfaces for easier cleaning.

In these cases, it is recommended to opt for antibacterial cleaning trolleys. Which have a structure specially designed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

 Do you need to add a waste bag to your cleaning cart?

 Larger cleaning trolleys offer the possibility of incorporating a waste bag into their structure.

These bags usually have generous dimensions that allow a complete collection of waste during the entire cleaning shift .

At SCS Group we recommend carts that allow disposable bags to be incorporated. Instead of using reusable bags made of canvas.

Are you going to transport mops, brooms, or mops?

 The transport of tools such as mops, brooms or mops is somewhat more complex due to the instability of these products when placed statically on horizontal surfaces.

To facilitate transport, we can add accessories to the cleaning carts, such as handle holder clips .

These elements will help to fix the cleaning tools throughout the journey. To see more accessories for cleaning carts, you can read this article.

 Do you want to customize your cleaning cart?


 At SCS Group we work with a line of commercial cleaning in Sydney that allows different integrated services that we offer depending on the needs of each client.

In addition, the availability of multiple accessories helps to fix all the elements, thus facilitating their transport.

If you want to receive a personalized offer for any of our cleaning services offered by our branches throughout Australia. Write to us through our contact form indicating your needs.



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