One-Wall Kitchen (A Complete Overview)

One-Wall kitchen is often regarded as the center of the house. It’s the place where family and friends can get together. Although there are a variety of types of kitchens to choose from The hottest trend is the single-wall style kitchen. Simple, elegant and minimalist. What exactly is a kitchen with a wall and what makes it different when compared to the other types of kitchens? Get the Best Architects in Lahore for your Kitchen Design.

A kitchen with a single wall maximizes the area of your home while also creating an spacious floor plan. In general, the design of the kitchen is based on the idea of the “work triangle” where the range and refrigerator are placed on the same wall, with the sink perpendicular to or in front of the two walls. The traditional kitchen uses several walls to house countertops and cabinets.

The one-wall kitchen layout however, includes the main kitchen appliances on a common wall that is at a minimum 8′ wide. Like the production line in commercial kitchens The various work zones are more organized, in their design, from to storage (refrigerator) to the prep (sink) to the cooking stations (range). The remaining three surfaces of the kitchen remain also open and are often facing the principal living space.

While one-wall kitchens are usually used in smaller homes, they may also be considered to be a distinct aspect of a bigger home. By choosing striking countertop finishes, elegant cabinetry as well as trendy appliances and hardware The one-wall kitchen can be an ideal canvas to make an impressive statement within your home. In contrast for a less obvious option, homeowners can select a subtle design that includes built-in appliances as well as seamless cabinets.

One-Wall Kitchen Layout

  • Modern and contemporary aesthetics paired with functional and easy space
  • Minimum 8′ wide, to enable kitchen equipment to be fitted
  • All kitchen components including cabinets are located on the same wall.
  • The sink will be placed between the range and refrigerator

Pros of a One-Wall Kitchen

  • Small Design: Since the kitchen’s footprint is reduced, the adjoining living space is larger. This means that there is more furniture like the dining table.
  • Effective Workflow: Having different work zones close to one another means that you spend less time moving around the kitchen.
  • Cost-effective: With fewer cabinets and countertops to put in and the expense of materials is lower than the traditional kitchen design.

Cons of a One-Wall Kitchen

  • A smaller surface area: Since the main appliances occupy most of the space so the space for preparation is small. A mobile kitchen island could increase the surface area of your kitchen, while keeping its minimalist style.
  • Insufficient storage space: Though kitchen appliances as well as cabinets have been confined to the wall, cabinet space is limited to pots, pans and other utensils. The addition of a cabinet-like island below would however help with storage issues.
  • Resale Value: A majority of buyers seek larger kitchens because it’s the place where they gather to entertain. Smaller kitchens might not sell at the same price as they would with bigger kitchens.

If you are a cook or not, it’s a good idea to have a “one-wall kitchen” brings functionality to a compact, simple style in any house.

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