Moving cheaply and safely – The Best Tips

March to September is peak moving season with a peak in June, July and August, before children return to school at a new school. This year, it was not possible to move during the two months of confinement, and the accumulated delay risks leading to a scramble and rising prices in the coming months.

We are seeing around 40% more activity compared to the same period last year, in particular due to company moves which have been delayed and which are added to those of individuals.. If you have to move in the coming weeks, it is better to take your precautions.

A cost fixed according to the services First trap to avoid: overpaying for the service. The average cost of a move is 1,500 euros, according to the union chamber of movers. When establishing their estimate, the professionals take into account the number of cubic meters to be transported and delivered, the distance between the two homes and the particularly heavy or precious objects to be moved

. Pianos, safes, master paintings or plants raise the bill. To save this expense, which can sometimes weigh heavily on a family’s budget, the temptation is to do without movers and call on friends.

 Will the prices of home insurance go down?

In order to attract an audience that does not want to spend too much, start-ups have launched. This is the case of www.démé, which delivers boxes to homes, organizes the rental of commercial vehicles and offers, if necessary, the help of movers from two to seven hours, in particular, to move household appliances.

The prices vary according to the options chosen: twenty boxes cost for example 32 euros, and a utility vehicle of 12 m3 rented from 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. costs 80 euros. In total, by taking all the services, the bill can climb quite easily and reach the rates of professional movers, because the latter generally offer an economical formula.


In the latter, the company is only responsible for handling and transport, not packaging. Another start-up, called Des bras en plus, announces prices 30% lower than those of a classic mover.

“For many, getting help is out of reach. So we suggest people take stock of the amount they can put down. Even if it’s 300 or 500 euros, and we adapt to their needs. The company offers services ranging from the delivery of boxes to the rental of commercial vehicles, but also provides a complete moving service. The only difference with traditional movers: everything happens online. An advisor visits the accommodation remotely by videoconference to assess what needs to be taken away, and the move is booked online. Many people in Athens are searching for μεταφορες με μικρο φορτηγο. You have to be prepared for the price.

Find a reliable mover

If you prefer to go through a traditional company, how can you find a reliable professional at a reasonable price? “It is better to avoid doing research on the Internet, which is full of unscrupulous professionals,”. But if you are in Greece your best bet is to search for μετακομίσεις Αθήνα.

This document must indicate the references of the company. Which makes it possible to verify that it is registered in the commercial register. The definition of the service provided or the dates of the move. You can ask to compare the different formulas, from the simplest to the most complete. In which the mover takes care of everything. In the event of loss or damage to your belongings during the move, you must be reimbursed. Read also How, as a landlord, to rent safely this summer

Depending on the insurance, the amount of reimbursement is more or less advantageous. For example, if your television is broken during transport, the age of the device may come into play. This may not allow you to buy a new device. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a contract that provides for an ad valorem reimbursement, which solves the problem. In order to be properly compensated, you will have to fill in a sheet when signing the contract. There you will indicate the estimated amount of the furniture and objects to be moved. Trying to be as close as possible to their value.

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