LPG Cylinder Surrendering/Transfer Process & Tips

The use of LPG cylinders has gained more prominence and popularity due to their ease of availability and cost-effectiveness when compared to other alternatives. The evolution of technology and rapid internet revolution has made obtaining a gas connection and LPG cylinder booking effortless. Now, in the comfort of your home, you can do your gas booking, pay gas bill online and more. Also, to help you further, we have listed the essential details about the LPG cylinder surrendering and transfer process. Read to know more!

When should you transfer and surrender your gas cylinder connection?

You do not have to file for a gas transfer if you are relocating to your hometown to move in with your family or travel abroad for a long time. You can simply opt for the gas surrender option and get a new one at your new place. 

If you are shifting to a new town or district or changing from one house to another, you can go for the gas transfer option. However, if you need an LPG connection in the new city anyway, it would be better to transfer so that you can save money, time and effort involved in the process. Also, you can make your LPG cylinder booking and pay gas bill online. It is a very simple and effortless process.

Moving within a city: 

You can transfer your cylinders on your own if you are relocating within the same city. You have to locate the company’s nearest LPG agency office (Indane/HP, Bharath Gas, etc.). Then go back to your previous agency and request for the change to the nearest provider. 

There is no payment or refund required for this process. If your gas company does not provide service in your new area, you will have to surrender and apply for a new connection with other companies present in that particular area. This process is as simple as Indane gas booking and can be done within minutes. 

Moving to other cities:

You can move your LPG connection if you are shifting to another city. Simply go to your agency, surrender the cylinders, and fill out a form. You will be able to apply for a new connection in your new city using the documentation given by the agency.

With those documents, you just have to visit the nearest gas agency to your home in your new city for the issue of a new gas connection. Although, wherever you move you can easily do your LPG cylinder booking and pay gas bill online. 

Facts about the surrender process:

You will get about Rs.1500 per LPG Cylinder as a refund if you opt for a gas surrender. Some LPG agencies and providers also take back any unused gas, stoves or cookers you might have. You can easily return it to them. 

There are also agencies that require a signature on a revenue stamp for the gas surrender process. Although not mandatory, you may carry a few stamps to avoid delays or arguments with staff. 

The LPG connection is linked to your Aadhaar card, so it is crucial to surrender it and have it updated in the government’s systems. Otherwise, you will not be able to apply for a new connection elsewhere. But making an LPG cylinder booking and opting to pay gas bill online will not cut off even if you fail to update the changes. 

Necessary things to have while visiting your LPG Distributor for surrender/transfer

Along with the original documents, you’ll need a photocopy of your Aadhaar card as your Identity proof and Address proof. The original receipt and booklet of your LPG Connection are also essential. 

Although most gas stations do not require a revenue stamp, it is a smart option to have one in hand just in case. You’ll need to bring your LPG cylinders and regulator with you. Carry a white sheet, a pen, and a writing pad to fill out the application. Also, bring along a Transfer Request Letter – (You should include the customer number, current address, and the new gas agency’s address).

Tips to remember while surrendering or transferring your LPG gas cylinder

  1. Use your LPG cylinder completely or exchange it with a neighbor who has an empty cylinder or almost empty cylinder as you won’t get any money for gas left in it. Your neighbors can delay their LPG cylinder booking by using yours.
  2.  Individuals to whose names the connection has been issued for LPG cylinder booking should visit in person. 
  3.  If surrendering, be prepared to explain your surrender with a good reason.
  4.  In most cases, the entire process usually requires about two weeks to complete. However, if you do not have all of the essential documents, you may have to visit the agency many times and the process will take more time. So, keep all the documents with you while visiting the agency to save time and effort. Once you get the cylinder, you will do LPG cylinder booking with the same old method.
  5. Make sure all the bills are paid up to date. If not, you can easily pay gas bill online.

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