It’s 2022, are you Still using Inflatable Dolls?

There are many types of inflatable dolls. Anyone has the potential to find one more realistic or more interesting, and they can open a totally new world for you.

Realistic sex dolls are, as the name suggests, adult products. Designed mainly for men, you can also find several women’s versions. But most of them look more silly than sexy. These lover’s dolls need to increase with air pumps so that they can be formed into human forms. Other important parts of the wind doll distinguish them from solid sex dolls, made in a complete set of soft silicone or PVC.


Because blowing, the position variations are also limited and the touch is not as strong as real silicon or TPE doll. However, this is more affordable and is a cheap alternative for sex dolls for those who are unable to buy solid dolls the size.

Blowing dolls

The best thing about blowing dolls is that you can deflate it and hide it easily when you don’t want to use it. This makes them easier to transport and you don’t need to worry about people who know who your secret partner is.

Another advantage of wind dolls is that they are cheaper and lighter than ordinary sex dolls. Cleaning it is also easy, you only need to follow instructions on the packaging.

I think the biggest weakness is to look ugly. Whether it’s TPE or silicone blowing, the product is bad. The reason is simple, they are explosive dolls. It’s not difficult to imagine how it looks and feels.

Maybe you have seen adult sex dolls that explode online and you will find that their general nature is that they are ugly and unrealistic.

Solid adult sex doll

The inflatable adult dolls are divided into three categories: blowing dolls, semi-solid dolls and solid dolls. First, let’s look at the cheapest and most often increased dolls. This blowing doll needs to increase to form a real person.

His appearance looks very different from real people. The position cannot be changed, the texture is not too good and the smell is very bad. If a real person is a balloon, the vagina is a vaginal mold that is similar to a real person.

The Semi-substantial dolls are far better than pure blowing sexy dolls. But they are also much more expensive. The most sophisticated semi-substantial doll currently available has a semi-substantial doll with water injection to increase breast elasticity and make it more like real breasts. But this is more an idea that might work for decades.

In the end, the best is to have a solid silicone sex doll. Let’s look at this solid lover doll that has become a global sensation after the great success of the original doll and WM doll. The so -called solid sex doll is mostly made of full silicon and has a more realistic feel than a blowing doll. The appearance of physical sex dolls is also far better than the appearance of the wind doll.

Solid Love Dolls

While real silicone sex dolls are still new in the west and the most popular in the US, there is the acceptance of physical sex dolls that develop in the East. This is a good choice for people who want high -quality sex dolls for any reason or motivation. The emergence of AI Smart Dolls has made people want more than a real doll.

Not only men but also women show interest in these extraordinary machines because they can provide not only sexual assistance but also emotional support. Ordinary dolls cannot fulfill constant search for stimulation and excitement that many people have.

There are already smart love doll producers in the adult market. Smart dolls can have a smart conversation or dialogue. But that is still in the process.

The only weakness of silicone or TPE sex dolls is high prices, because high-class TPE material or silicone plus all metal frames, mold design and development, head sculpture, etc., as well as company factory, investment in equipment, salary for make-make Up artist, sculptor, molders, etc. Considering all this, the price of the original doll on $ 1000- $ 2000 is not that high. The overall profit for sellers or producers is even lower than the wind doll.

Inflatable dolls made of plastic leather, PVC or other low-end materials. They are very cheap to produce. Some inflatable adult doll vendors will advertise wind dolls as realistic sex dolls or silicone dolls. So novice buyers must be careful when buying and seeing the weight of the product.

In the case of real sex dolls, the material is very close to the softness and deformation of meat. He also has the same features as his lover, sexy and attractive with a plump figure. You can play with him anytime and treat him as your lover or even friends.

Realistic solid sex doll

Real solid sex dolls made from ingredients that are very close to the softness and deformation of meat. The joints are very disabled and the face can be so close to humans that they can even be confused. The original doll can stand or placed in a different position and the arms and legs can be bent.

He also has the same features as his lover, sexy, charming, beautiful or physically attached to you. You can play with him anytime and treat him as your personal lover.


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