How to Take Care of your Refrigerator

Best ways to take care of your refrigerator

Are you wondering how to maintain your refrigerator? Your refrigerator is the most important appliance in your house. It runs all year round, 24×7. You can safely store vegetables, fruits and dairy products, as well as juices, milk, chocolates, leftovers and water. A few hours of power outage or breakdown can cause spoilt milk and fruits. It is not a good idea for your refrigerator (or any other season) to be inefficient. It is best for everyone to keep the refrigerator in top condition.

Regular maintenance will keep your refrigerator running smoothly and prevent you from having to pay for repairs and other related costs. We will be sharing the top maintenance tips for refrigerators.

How to Maintain a Refrigerator

  1. Do not forget to quickly close the refrigerator door
  2. Make sure the refrigerator door seal is intact
  3. For efficient cooling, make sure you set the temperature at the right level.
  4. Cover and arrange items properly in the refrigerator
  5. Do not block the fridge’s vents.

Do not forget to close the refrigerator’s door quickly

This tip may seem obvious but it is just as important. The fridge loses its ambient temperature if it is left open for too long. This causes the fridge to use more energy to cool down again.

It may help to think about what you will need from your refrigerator before you open it. Once you have done that, close the door quickly so you can get the job done quickly. After you are done with storing and removing items from the refrigerator, close it properly. This allows the refrigerator to maintain its temperature without having to work as hard.

Verify the Refrigerator’s Door Seal (Gasket).

When closing the door, the gasket may become cracked, hardened or warped over time. This can cause cold air to leak out even when the door is closed, which in turn leads to increased energy consumption. Bad maintenance or wear can cause this type of wear over time. You should inspect the door’s gasket regularly.

A simple way to test if the gasket seals the door correctly is to place a coin between your door and the compartment. You should close the door so that the coin is in the compartment and half of it is visible. If the coin falls out easily, the gasket may not be sealing correctly. You should contact a professional service technician to have it repaired.

To ensure efficient cooling, make sure you set the temperature at the correct level

Many refrigerators have a temperature setting. It is important to maintain the correct temperature in order to cool down efficiently.

It is best to set your refrigerator temperature at 4 degrees Celsius. If you store meat, it should be -18 or -19 degrees Celsius.

Your refrigerator may have a scale-based temperature control system. It is best to set the scale at its normal or medium setting. For more information and recommendations on temperature settings, consult the refrigerator manual.

Properly arrange and cover items in the refrigerator

Cover the fridge and arrange the items properly. Place food and other items in plastic containers that have tight fitting lids. This will help reduce the humidity in the fridge and keep odours out of the refrigerator. You can store and take out items faster if you arrange them properly in the refrigerator.

Do not block the vents in your refrigerator

You should leave enough space between the refrigerator’s vents, and any items that are kept inside the fridge. This allows cool air to flow through the refrigerator as it should. If something blocks the vents, it can cause an inefficient environment within the refrigerator. This will make it work harder to maintain cool temperatures.

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