How to Stream BBC iPlayer Content outside the UK

How to Stream BBC iPlayer Content outside the UK

Are you a BBC iPlayer watching enthusiast, who cannot imagine a day without streaming the popular BBC shows, podcasts, interviews, and other content to keep on an updated track? If yes, then this blog is the solution to the problem. 

BBC iPlayer’s streaming is limited to UK residents, and the access from another region is geo-blocked because of country-restricted content, which creates an agitated situation for the users. But you don’t have to abstain from it since VPN is here to rescue the situation.

Can you imagine leaving your favorite program in the middle and flying outside the UK, where you do not have access to BBC iPlayer. What will happen? You’d definitely miss all the new streams. 

Unfortunately, BBC is a UK-based streaming channel that has censored its content in other regions, but that doesn’t stop you from watching your favorite TV broadcasting from anywhere in the world.

To get access to UK BBC iplayer content from anywhere in the world you just need to buy a secure VPN for UK to start since it’s a fast-moving digital era and so should you be. Have a look at these simple yet effective steps to operate a UK VPN. 

Why Do You Need a VPN for UK Streaming?

VPN is the security tool you need to have in your life for multiple reasons. To get rid of data retention, government surveillance, accessing censored websites, and a massive open world that’s waiting to be explored; a UK VPN is a constant partner to every sort of media consumption desire.

To watch the United Kingdom’s freshly aired media content whenever and from whatever location you visit around the globe, you need to spoof your geo-location through a VPN. A VPN hides your identity by connecting to a remote VPN server in another country, thereby allowing you to access BBC iPlayer and many other other services from anywhere in the world.

It would be a wonderful chance to experience levels of privacy, through encrypted data experience that cannot be traced by your Internet Service Providers or any third parties. 

Connecting with a VPN’s private tunnel will make your data protected and secure on the internet, especially on unsecured networks such as public Wi-Fi. 

How to Use a VPN in UK

  • Get yourself a subscription to any secure UK VPN.
  • Download/install it on your device.
  • Open the VPN app and connect to a UK server.
  • Go to BBC iPlayer and sign in to your account.

Your BBC iPlayer is unblocked now, enjoy your favorite content!

What Content Can You Stream on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer is one of the broadcasting channels that are in dramatic growth. Most people are fanatic about the content they display. Access to the BBC iPlayer through a robust VPN can be a great opportunity. You can stream songs, series, shows, podcasts, movies, news articles, documentaries, and several live news. It’s affiliated with BBC News, and BBC one, two, three, four, are the highest in terms of TRP’s. 

Reason for Geo-Blocked BBC Content Overseas

Like many other paid streaming applications, BBC is also an exclusive paid streaming channel. It solely produces content for the United Kingdom’s consumers and geographically blocks access to its content anywhere outside the UK. During the years, people tried to break the iron wall and get an entry to their most demanded streaming channel but it was frittered away. 

The news is devastating for binge-watchers as well as for the actual subscribers who yearn to watch BBC iPlayer globally. Don’t grief over losing access to BBC content in case of moving outside the UK. 

A VPN can effortlessly give you means of entry just by masking your IP address. You’ll be presenting yourself as residing in the UK without the fear of data logging, licensed content restrictions.


You need to choose a VPN that has servers in the UK and one that grants access to BBC iPlayer. However, many free VPNs fail to unblock BBC iPlayer even when they have UK servers. For such reasons, rely only on premium services that can change your daily internet worries. Why settle for less when you can access unlimited streaming content that gets aired on BBC iPlayer. The most demanding UK broadcasting channel is in your access from anywhere in the world. This is especially when you change the geographical location. Spice up your watching experience to a premium extent. 

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