How To Reduce Body Temperature On Hot Sunny Day

Hypothalamus is the part of the brain which is responsible for maintaining the core temperature of your body. It compares the present temperature of your body, compares it with normal temperature, and tries to regulate your core body temperature. If your body is extremely hot, then regulation will take place through sweating and help to cool down your body. 

If it is extremely cold, then the hypothalamus will trigger your body and you will start shivering to warm it up. Sweating is the natural cooling mechanism of your body. When sweat evaporates, then it leaves a cooling effect on your body.

Tips To Reduce Body Heat On Sunny Day

Drink Water & Healthy Liquids

You can keep your body cool by drinking cold water, iced day, chilled fruit juice, smoothies, etc. All these cool drinks will keep your body cool internally. You should increase the intake of fluids to reduce dehydration. But you should avoid the intake of soda because it can dehydrate your body. You can have lemonade, coconut water, and fresh fruit juice (without sugar).

Install Cooling Devices

The best way to keep your body cool is to install various cooling devices. We recommend you install a new technology air conditioning system at your home. Also, you should consider installing fans in different sections of your house. You can stay cool on a hot sunny day by keeping your home cool with cooling devices. You should ensure that all your cooling appliances are working properly before starting the hot summer season. We recommend you to call the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for the maintenance of your air conditioner.

Take Cold Bath

You can take a cold bath before going to bed. It will help to instantly cool down your body temperature. Also, it will help you to sleep well the whole night. Taking a cold bath will help to cool down your core temperature. Most people face sleeping problems during the summer season due to being extremely hot. Taking a cold bath before sleep time will help to regulate your body temperature. Ultimately, you can have a sound sleep every night.

Apply Ice On Cooling Points

Applying ice or cold water to the key points of your body will help to quickly cool down your body temperature. You should apply ice on the area where veins are close to the surface like the neck, chest temples, wrist, etc. It will help to quickly reduce the temperature of the blood going through the veins. It will help your body to feel cool, even during the hot summer day.

Avoid Strenuous Workout

When your body will move, then it will release heat, especially while doing a strenuous workout. During a hot sunny day, you should limit your movement and avoid doing strenuous work. Otherwise, your body will heat in just a few seconds and you will start feeling uncomfortable. Stay relaxed and calm so that your body can stay cool during the hot summer days. 

If you want to do a workout, then choose some light exercise techniques. Also, do a workout in the air-conditioned room so that your body can cope with high heat. We recommend you start doing a workout at home. But call the professionals like air conditioning Sydney for the repair and maintenance work of your AC. You may not want to face trouble due to an AC breakdown on an extremely hot sunny day.  

Choose Appropriate Clothes

Heat easily passes through some fabrics and some do not allow any passage of heat. During the summer season, you should choose only cotton fabric clothes because they allow maximum passage of heat. It means that the sweat produced by your body will evaporate quickly and leave a cooling effect on your body. Therefore, everyone should wear cotton fabric clothes during the sweltering summer season.

Take Heat Regulating Supplements

You should find the cause of the rising body temperature and accordingly take the right supplements to regulate your body heat. The plant extracts obtained through the black cohosh and evening primrose oil can help in reducing hot flashes. Consequently, help to keep your body cool and comfortable during the hot summer season. Also, you should eat cool food and season fruits and vegetables to keep the core temperature of your body cool.

Consult Doctor

Sometimes, the reason for high body heat is an overactive thyroid. If this is the case, then the person may also notice various other symptoms like rapid heart rate, jaundice, confusion, etc. If you think that you are facing thyroid symptoms, then you should immediately consult a reputable doctor in your area. Staying cool is very important during the hot summer season. Otherwise, you may start suffering from severe health issues.

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