How to Draw a Bridge

How to Draw a Bridge

Learn how to draw an excellent bridge with easy, step-by-step cool drawings instructions and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful bridge design. A bridge “is a system built to develop a material obstacle, such as a body of water, a ravine or a road, without completing the path down.” The kind of bridge in our drawing direction is an arc bridge that covers a river. The curved platform helps transport the weight of the cross. The bridges have a very long story. The first bridges were probably trampolines or trees that fell into an opening or a body of water. The oldest arc bridge, still old, is in Greece and dates from the thirteenth century BC. Six hundred bridges still exist in England.


Unsurprisingly, the bridges are also in rhymes and fairy tales, such as three tickets, where animals should frustrate a troll to cross the bridge. Today, modern materials and engineering allow the creation of massive bridges. For example, the large Danyang-Kunshan bridge in China measures 114 kilometers long. Others – like glass background bridges through the Grand Canyon or between the mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee – intend to entertain tourists. Would you like to draw a fantastic cartoon fanatic? This easy cartoon tutorial design is there to show how. All you need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a rubber. You can also color your completed sketch.


Drawing a Bridge

Step 1:

Start by drawing a curved rectangle using four curved lines. It gives the bridge a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 2:

Draw the first post for the bridge railing to erase if necessary. Draw two lines in parallel straight on the corner near the bridge. Connect them at the bottom with a “V” line. Then draw a parallel curved line on the side of the bridge—annex -The post using a short line.

Step 3:

Draw the pole at the opposite end of the bridge. Again, draw two straight parallel lines. Connect them at the bottom with a “V” line. Then join the top of each post with a circle.

Step 4:

Draw two parallel curved lines between the two poles, forming the top of the railing. Then draw two sets of straight parallel lines from the bottom of the bridge to the railing. Connect each set using a short line. Delete if necessary.

Step 5:

Draw the posts in the remaining corners of the bridge. Describe posts using lines in the right parallel and connect them at the top, drawing a circle.

Step 6:

Draw a set of curved parallel lines between the posts, forming the railing. Draw two sets of straight parallel lines between the top of the bridge and the handrail. Then start drawing the river or stream using a curved line.

Step 7:

Keep drawing the river using curved lines. At a distance, the lines must converge at a point to indicate that the river disappears behind a hill.

Step 8:

Draw curved lines that overlap on the horizon to form hills. Use a sequence of curved stripes to sketch low clouds.

Step 9:

How to Draw a Bridge

Draw different clouds on the horizon using a series of curved lines.

Step 10:

How to Draw a Bridge

Color your cartoon bridge. A wooden bridge like this can be brown or painted any color you choose.

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