How To Choose The Right Wattage For Vaping?

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Vaping is fun until you know what you are doing with your vape device. This electronic cigarette game is not for amateurs. It is rather for people who want to learn the art of vaping. 

When you decide to initiate vaping, you must have come across several types of electronic cigarettes. Not only are they different types, but these devices also differ in capacity, flavor, function, features, and, most importantly, wattage. Today’s blog post will address the last aspect of vape gadgets: wattage. 

Choosing the right power for you during vaping is indeed a skill. It is not an ordinary skill but a refined art that can be perfected with time. Only a lot of practice, a bunch of silly experiments, newbie mistakes, and some research can make you a pro vaper. But, if you do not know your vaping wattage, you do not know vaping at all!

However, the importance of power in vaping does not mean you should become restless in figuring things out. Several people face this same issue. You are in luck if you are on this blog without already wasting hours on fruitless articles and clickbait blogs. With the right information, tools, and a basic sense of vaping, you can easily overcome the problem of vape power.

Let us start our actual brief guide by first equipping you with the basic idea behind vape wattage.

What is meant by vape power or wattage?

The magic behind perfect vaping sessions lies behind the adjustment of wattage. It means achieving a customizable and unique vaping experience that suits your need. Once you become an all-star vaper, you are the boss of your vaping world. After mastering the skill of wattage, from temperature to throat hit, everything will be in your hands. 

If you know some beginner-level physics, then understanding the mystery of vape wattage is not a complex task. In simple terms, the wattage of vape brands, disposable or regular e-cig is the quantity of consumed or produced power per second. Like any other electronic thing, the power flow of a vape is measured in watts. The power flow rate is calculated by multiplying the speed (voltage) and volume of electrons ( amps). 

In electronic cigarettes, the work of power is to convert the liquid in the tank to flavorful vapor. When you set your vape at high wattage, it means you decide to put it at high temperatures. This way, you allow more heat to be involved during vaporization—this increase in power results from intense ( or often harsh) throat hits and warmer vapor. The vapor clouds also become denser with an increase in vape temperature. On the contrary, if you select low wattage for your vaping session, you automatically choose mild throat hit and cool vapor.

What is the suitable wattage for vaping? 

Considering vape brands disposable or other e-cig types, the wattage may vary between 1 and 200+ watts. The power completely depends on your vape brand and type. People choose it according to their cravings and satisfactions. But since everyone has different tolerance levels, the wattage should be used only after experimenting at different temperature levels.


We think some instances will clear your power query to some extent. People who just transitioned from tobacco-based cigarettes to vapes will require higher vape wattage. This is because they want to satisfy their cigarette cravings through harsh throat hits. Conversely, beginners may not feel comfortable puffing e-cig at high power. This happens because they are not used to hits on their immature throats. Jumping onto higher wattage in the initial vaping stage may cause unnecessary choking, coughs, and headaches. 

All in all, if you are experienced, then do take advantage of adjusting all the specifics of vaping. But if you are inexperienced in this domain, try learning more about vaping through safe practice. 


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