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How NGFW Provides Unrivaled Security Performance?

Despite better security measures, businesses and organisations continue to suffer from major data breaches across all industries. This results in losses for the brand’s reputation and customers’ confidence in addition to financial losses. What then are the tools that major corporations may use to achieve sophisticated cybersecurity? Companies today choose security products with integrated controls that can grow and adapt as threats change. This is the reason why next-generation firewall ( NGFW ) solutions are becoming more popular.  


Building high-performance, extremely scalable, and security-focused networks is made possible by NGFW. When compared to conventional firewalls, next-generation firewalls (NGFW) offer extra features including cloud-based threat information, built-in intrusion prevention, and application awareness and control. By doing so, you may increase overall security, determine which data assets are most susceptible to attack, and rapidly spot any instances of questionable behaviour. Additionally, NGFW may be controlled from a single PC and installed both physically and remotely on cloud appliances.


Technology Solutions 


For service providers and businesses to build flexible and secure network solutions, such as SD-WAN, security, and uCPE software, Advantech’s edge devices offer a strong and open basis. In order to provide commercially available white-box appliances that can grow enterprise connection services from small- and medium-sized office branches to big campuses and headquarters, Advantech collaborates closely with ecosystem partners that are leaders in their respective fields. By utilising tactics to reduce supply chain risks and safeguard network investments, this adaptable SD-WAN solution helps create a virtual infrastructure that is prepared to accommodate the next generation of converged and cloud-native models.


The 1U networking appliance FWA-3050 is remotely managed and designed for use with NGFW and uCPE applications. The FWA-3050 offers users a number of benefits thanks to its Intel® Xeon® D-2100 CPU and optional Intel® QAT and DPDK to increase performance. First off, both unencrypted and encrypted messages will be forwarded optimally thanks to the multi-core SKUs and QAT technology. Second, many application traffic types are supported via the built-in 10Gb Ethernet ports, which may be expanded with extension modules.


Thirdly, the FWA-3050 provides sophisticated platform management, which enables centralised administration and permits local and distant users to identify component deterioration, prevent system outages, and reduce the mean time to repair, obviating the need for on-site IT assistance. The redundant field-replaceable PSU, storage, and fan modules included in this firewall appliance also safeguard services in the case of device failures for applications with high availability needs.


Traditional Firewalls and Next-Generation Firewalls Differ in Important Ways 


Traditional firewalls served as a sentinel that kept an eye on traffic entering and occasionally leaving the network. To decide whether to allow or prohibit data, these devices would examine packets, network addresses, and ports. Airline travel is a useful comparison. The firewall’s initial iterations only examined data to see whether it had a ticket and, if so, assuming its credentials were valid, allowed it to board the aircraft. 


After then, application traffic exploded, outpacing the capabilities of first-generation firewalls. Because malware could be concealed inside application traffic, where the firewall ticket taker couldn’t see it, thieves were able to do just that.


In order to identify known and unknown assaults, next-generation firewalls were created with a new set of features including Application Control and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). By attentively observing network traffic, this new technology may see into programmes, locate, and prevent malware. Imagine it as the boarding process for your airline with an x-ray machine added. Even if you had a ticket, you couldn’t enter if your luggage included something hazardous. 


Over time, further security inspection technologies were incorporated throughout the procedure, such as ransomware remediation using anti-malware. These may be compared to body scanners and washing down bags to check for bomb-making materials. Unfortunately, the security gateway developed into a significant bottleneck as inspections increased in frequency. The growth of encrypted communication, which gives consumers the security of safely accessing apps from anywhere to anyplace, has added to all of this. 


Traditional firewalls were overly simplistic, but some of the next-generation firewall’s worst flaws are their complexity and processing demands. In order to avoid making a compromise, it’s crucial to pick your next-generation firewall in a way that balances security capabilities and performance.


Wrap Up


Any company that wants to thrive must have a reliable Fortinet network firewall. Threats to personal devices and larger networks are growing daily in the world of today. It can protect devices and businesses from bigger and more noticeable incursions with the flexibility of a next-generation firewall. 


Incoming and outgoing network traffic is examined by NGFWs like FortiGate, which also guards against any possible threats. Your network is protected against potential cybercrime. Speak with us at Spectrum Edge, and together we’ll use our complete firewall solutions to secure your data centre.


Anything you would like to learn more about cyber security solution, feel free to contact with specialist of Spectrum Edge.


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