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It might be challenging to know how to get rid of huge, undesirable objects, whether you’re moving, acquiring new furniture or appliances, or simply decluttering. Can you simply dump them at the curb and count on rubbish removal to pick it up? Of course no, I will discuss some of the “tricks” which related to the way of waste disposal in Malaysia, continue to read, you may find it useful.


I’ve had this issue several times in the previous few months when dealing with DIY plumbing upgrades and old appliances. I’m stumped over how to dispose of stuff that don’t fit in a trash can. I’ll give you some tips to help you dispose of bulky waste more quickly and easily, but it will still require time and work because it’s so big.


1. Determine whether your local scrap yard or garbage management will accept bulky goods.


Check to see if your trash service will take big goods left at the curb on trash day. The majority of the time they don’t, but occasionally you’re lucky and they do. Sometimes you have to phone, and other times you may obtain that information on their website. You don’t want to bring a couch to the curb, have collectors ignore it, and then have to store it.


Notes: Among the points that I might consider adopting a waste management is the distance from where I live and whether the price is reasonable. If it is far from my home, the price will naturally not be too cheap. If it is not cheap, I might as well choose the point I will mention next, which is to donate the items to an organization.


Depending on where you reside, waste management policies will differ greatly regarding the acceptance of large pieces of trash. You can occasionally call and arrange a special “bulk collection,” but it will cost you—typically between $50 and $75. (Yikes!) Furniture goods may occasionally be accepted at the curb, but appliances and other items with electrical parts are not. For a little fee—often only $10 per item for easily disposed-of items like mattresses, tables, etc.—you may purchase a specific tag to attach to a large item and have it collected on your regular collection day in some locations and with some waste management firms.


Another excellent alternative for anything made of metal is a scrap yard, but once more, you’ll probably have to pay a modest charge to have your bulky junk things taken up. But you can even get compensated if you can get them to a nearby scrap yard. Obviously, that can be a major nuisance, but it might be worthwhile.


If none of the choices below work for you, paying a charge of any kind should only be a last resort.


2. Check to see if the old item can be removed if you’re replacing it with a new one.


Many times, the delivery team for new appliances or furniture will remove the old ones for no additional cost. This is particularly valid for big items like refrigerators and laundry equipment. Read the tiny print of agreements or call beforehand to ask about unexpected conditions. When we got new appliances, they removed the old refrigerator and dishwasher for free, but I had to take apart and remove the dishwasher myself.


For furniture deliveries, this arrangement is less likely to occur, but on occasion, you can bribe the delivery crew with money to take the old items.


3. Post the object online, even if it is filthy and outdated.


You wouldn’t believe the items that may be listed on Craigslist and then picked up. You can practically get rid of anything if the cost is “free” (the exception, perhaps, being a bag of stinky diapers). dated toilet that just partially functions? I received a dozen requests to come pick it up the same night I placed it on Craigslist. That unsafe trampoline with duct tape that was discussed earlier? Same thing, and the following day it was gone. When you advertise anything for free, you risk receiving people who won’t show up or respond to your emails. Anecdotal evidence suggests it’s preferable to give a price, even a low one, so that individuals who respond have a stake in the outcome. If you aren’t getting any results right away, try this; I haven’t.


Notes: My go-to method for getting rid of anything that won’t fit in a trash bin is now this. List the big item on Facebook or Craigslist, and who knows, you might even make a little money out of it. Or, you may spend half an hour to design a poster for your old big items and post it to Pinterest. Also, list the information of the item clearly, don’t try to hide it, or you will end up wasting your time.


4. Set a “free” sign and place it on the curb.


Put something out on the curb, turn around to go inside, and by the time you check on it from the window, it’s already gone. This is a classic action of city inhabitants everywhere.


This approach can occasionally be effective, but only in particular circumstances. Really, only modestly large goods should be used for this. Smallish tables, filing cabinets, chairs, etc. If it’s larger than that, passing motorists won’t be able to swiftly stop and dump it in their car, which is precisely what you want. Additionally, you want to make sure you’re in a busy place. It’s not a wise move if you reside in a quiet cul-de-sac.


You should just allow a few days for this migration, tops. Beyond that, you run the danger of alienating your neighbours. Be not that person. Try a different strategy if you left anything on the curb and it isn’t picking up after 1-2 days.


5. Donate it and arrange for free pickup.


Chances are strong that if your belongings are in good shape, thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Arc, and others will take them up for free, especially in big cities. Additionally, the ReStore run by Habitat for Humanity will pick up items like toilets and appliances.


However, use your common sense and refrain from giving a filthy couch to Goodwill. Use this option only if the item is actually in good condition and could find a wonderful home with someone else.




Finally, although large items are more difficult to handle, you can also solve them through creative thinking. You try to practice these tricks I gave, I believe they can help you. If you want to save time and energy, then you can contact Gargeon, their specialist may be able to help you.


Last but not least, this are the tricks I have personally practiced, I share it here, can’t I get your share? Hurry up and share it with your friends, they may also need it. Thanks for reading !


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