Free Advice In the Form Of a Free mobile Tracker App For Enterpeunners

We have so many clubs in our college. Some even have their own exhibition and sell their products like paintings and hand made crafts and more. I and the girls thought why not use the platform to polish their business skills and try something new.  For the record, we all are Kpop and K drama fans so, of course, our idea revolved around it as well. The idea was to offer different fans the idea of customized merchandise and then make some money.

We did not get permission to do it officially so we thought why not just start low and do it as a business. We had some savings so we thought of investing them in the business. The first step of course was to get a strong online presence. At first, we tried to do it on our own but soon we found out that it was not easy we had to hire some experts. Well, that means more money but we did it. They were graduates and had some experience in online marketing and handling digital performance. We thought have made it as soon as the orders start pouring in.

Free Mobile Tracker App:

Yes, there is a huge “But ”coming your way. Everything was going fine but there was something wrong with the online sales. People started complaining about our online service, rude behavior, unprofessional attitude and all. We, on the other hand, were free of everything thinking that as we are paying the guys the money they are responsible for everything. It is not like this ladies and gentlemen. An employee is always an employee and you should act like the owner and the boss in all situations. There is no free lunch and you have to be careful and attentive especially when you are a startup.

Because reputation is what is important in the digital business. The situation was pretty bad but one of the partners gave an excellent idea. They convinced others to get a free mobile tracker app to start keeping an eye on the employees. She also gave the idea of getting a free computer monitoring software as well. As you see we had a limited budget so at first, we thought of trying the free version of the employee monitoring software. Here is how a free mobile tracker app can be beneficial, especially for entrepreneurs.

  • One thing that has a major contribution to every step is the budget. The startups usually lack big-budget deals. Thus a free spy app can work best in such circumstances.
  • A free mobile tracker app comes with no pre or conditions. You are free to get the app and free to leave it whenever you want.
  • Employee monitoring using a free spy app is indeed very helpful.
  • One can keep an eye on the target employees and all the work-related activities without any problem.
  • A spyware app needs physical access at the time of installation. Moreover, you are bound to install the app only on company-owned devices as it is not legal nor morally right to install the app on the personal gadgets of the employees.
  • Once installed you can check all the digital activities reports.
  • The monitoring data is saved with timestamped information so you can check and double-check about any online activity, any clash with the customer, any mistake in updates, or more.
  • We are doing great with the free mobile tracker app Though we did waste some time in finding a relatively reliable app with free service there is always the risk of time wastage.
  • The app lets us know about the website’s content details along with social media platform monitoring.

We are now planning for the next level. Things are pretty much in control now thanks to spy app Technology. Now we are planning to switch to paid version apps like the OgyMogy. They offer excellent service and dozens of employee monitoring features. The best thing about this app is that it supports multiple operating systems. For example, we had to go through a tough time searching for an app that offers services for Windows, Mac, and Android. OgyMogy support every operating system and one can monitor the employees through cellphone, Tablet, Laptop, and desktop.


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