Documents required for Society Registration in India

Society Registration is not an easy process. The prospect of going to the head office with the application alone is enough to give one a headache. However, if you’re prepared right from the very start, much have the migraine is removed. But how to prepare? The simple answer is getting the right documents at your side. Without documentation, the registrar has no way to verify the authenticity of the information you’ve provided. And without proper authentication, you can’t obtain the society registration in India.

Therefore, in this article, we highlight in clear terms the documents you need to acquire a registration certificate for a society in India. Heed each one of these points carefully, as they are critical for turning your societal dreams real. Read More: RNI Registration

Request Letter to Register a society

One document that is often ignored in the society registration process is the request letter. It is the document that you use to convince the Registrar of the purpose of establishing the society. Use simple words. However, make sure that this is a legal document. Therefore, you need to present your request using legal terminologies.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do so on your own, call the experts. There are many professionals in the society incorporation domain whose bread and butter it is to draft a perfect request letter.

Once you’ve completed drafting this document, get a Chartered Accountant or other gazetted officer to sign it. It informs the Registrar that your request aligns with the values of the Society Registration Act, 1860.

Rules and Regulations of the functioning of your society

No association can exist without rules, the same goes for your society. Therefore, put extra effort into drafting the rules and regulations, Make sure to keep in mind the Provisions of Society Registration Act, 1860, when you are formulating these rules. They should contain:

  1. Regulations about the duties of each member
  2. Rules pertaining to the code of conduct
  3. Regulations to deal with any dispute that arises within a society.
  4. Rules that your association have to follow to not divert from the society’s purpose

After formulating the rules, get an advocate to crosscheck them. They will add legal terminologies to these regulations. It will motivate the Registrar to grant you registration without any questions.

Make sure that you provide two sets of these documents.

Memorandum of Association

The objectives of the society are detailed in the Memorandum evde masaj of Association. Additionally, this document consists of the following details:

  1. List of the proposed government body
  2. A list of the person’s who wish to be the founders
  3. Comprehensive list of the objectives of the society

It is a necessity that seven members sign the memorandum of association. If it is not possible, the cooperative society registration process becomes laborious. Furthermore, if you want to establish a society that operates across India, the memorandum of association should contain eight signatures, each of which should belong to eight members from eight different states. Read More: M2M Communication

Affidavit regarding the title or name of the society

Once you have decided on the name of your society and that title adheres to the provisions of the SR Act, 1860, draft an affidavit on a ten rupees stamp paper. This document informs the official that the title of your association follows the regulations of the Act.

Copy of residence proof of all the founders of the society

You must provide a file that contains the residence proofs of all the founders of the society (or people who wish to become the founders of your Society)

The documents acceptable for the firm and society registration as far as address proofs are concerned are as follows:


Proof of ownership of the registered office

The office that hosts as a decision-making place of the society should be a registered place. If you own the premises, provide a rent agreement and a NOC from your landlord. If you own the premises, the document you require is the sales agreement.

General meeting report

You have reached the decision to register a society at a meeting. Therefore, the state requires you to submit the details of that meeting including, resolutions and minutes of meetings.


Society registration is a critical step to consider if you want to establish an association to help people. The documents we have provided here are a substantial part of that process. Understand them thoroughly and start drafting them as soon as possible.

If you feel stuck at any instance, consult with Registrationwala. Our Society Registration experts are more than willing to lend you a hand.

Society Registration is the process to establish an association that acts as a Non profit organization. Read this article to know about the documents you require to establish such a body.

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