DIY Ways To Make a Phone Stand

If you need a phone stand quickly or don’t want to spend money on one, you can easily make one from materials found around your home or office! Phone stands are used to prop up phones so that you can view the screen without having to use your hands. Paper clips, binder clips, toilet paper cardboard tubes, or old plastic cards are all excellent materials for making a quick and easy phone stand.

DIY ways to make Mobile stand

DIY Ways To Make a Phone Stand

Let’s Talk about the 2 different ways to make the phone stand at home.

DIY 1 Ways To Make a Phone Stand

  1. Obtain a paperclip at least 2.5 in (6.4 cm) long

Look for a paperclip in your home or office to make a phone stand. If possible, use a paperclip covered in vinyl or plastic to avoid scratching your phone. If you want to make a stand for a larger device, such as a tablet, use a larger paperclip.

2. Straighten the paperclip out as much as possible

Bend the paperclip out of the folded shape with your hands. Remove any minor bumps or kinks in the clip.  If straightening the paperclip with your hands is too difficult, use pliers.

3. Bend the paperclip into thirds.

Using pliers, cut two corners out of the straightened paperclip. Clamp the pliers where you want each corner to be and bend the paper clip’s end towards the pliers. Make each bend 13 inches away from the edge and at a 90° angle. Make the paperclip look like three sides of a square.

4. Fold 12 in (1.3 cm) of each end of the paperclip up at a 90° angle

Close the pliers to both ends of the paperclip. Bend each tip upwards and towards the pliers to form a corner that rises from the work surface. This creates the phone stand’s “feet,” which prevent your phone from sliding forward.

5. Bend the 2 shorter edges of the paperclip into 90° angles.

Fold the edges of the feet into corner shapes with pliers. The middle of each short edge of the paperclip needs to be bent. The feet and back of the phone stand are the parts that point upward. The arm section is flat against the work surface. The phone stand will resemble a square “U” shape from the side.

6. Place your phone horizontally across the arms of the phone stand

Place the phone stand on a level surface with the arms parallel to the floor and the feet pointing up. Placing your phone horizontally on the stand will allow the stand’s high back to support the back of your phone. The stand’s feet will be on the same side as the screen, preventing the phone from sliding forward.

DIY 2 Ways To Make a Phone Stand

By Using Using Binder Clips

  1. Get 2 binder clips of different sizes

Look around your house or office for one binder clip that is about 0.75 in (1.9 cm) wide and another that is about 1.25 in (3.2 cm) wide. In order for the stand to function, the binder clips must be of varying widths.
While black binder clips are the most common, coloured binder clips can be used to create a vibrant phone holder that stands out.

2. Adjust the arms of both binder clips into the open position 

There are two possible positions for the binder clip arms. To open the clip, bring the arms back until they are over it and in contact with one another. The arms are forward and away from the binder clip when it is closed.

3. Place the arms of the small binder clip inside the larger clip

Open the larger binder clip just a little. Insert the arms of the small binder clip into the larger clip’s opening. In order to secure the smaller binder clip in place, the arms of the larger clip must be released. Your phone will rest against the larger clip’s arms.

4. Position your phone horizontally across the small binder clip

Make sure the phone stand is flat and both binder clips are against the surface. When the stand feels secure, place your phone horizontally over the small binder clip. Place your phone against the larger binder clip.

5. Attach a third binder clip to the big clip to angle your phone differently

If the angle of your phone on the stand isn’t right, clamp another large binder clip onto the big binder clip that your phone is leaning against. Make sure the third binder clip is firmly fastened to the large binder clip to prevent your phone from being stolen.

This positions your phone in the phone stand at a more upright angle. If you want to change the angle again, simply remove the third binder clip.

Final Words

These are the 2 DIY ways to make a phone stand at home. you can try this for making a phone stand. If you are still getting difficulties making a phone stand then you can purchase the best phone stand from the Hiker store. they are the best mobile stand manufacturer in India.

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