Craftatoz Vs Wooden Street – Who Will Win the Online Furniture Battle?


If you’re in the market for new furniture, you may have heard about the online furniture startups Craftatoz and Wooden Street. If you’re not familiar with these two companies, you should know that these startups are in direct competition with larger horizontal ecommerce marketplaces such as  of these companies have been gaining revenue and market share steadily.


The online furniture battle is set to kick off with an omnichannel campaign by Craftatoz, a Uttar Pradesh-based brand that is expanding its presence across the country. The new campaign highlights the importance of buying furniture as a family decision, and has been launched on digital platforms like YouTube, streaming services, and mainline TV channels. Founded in Rajasthan in 2015, the company is now present in 40 major Indian cities, with plans to open six stores in the Delhi-NCR region and two experience centres in Gurugram.

Both Craftatoz and Wooden Street make their own furniture, sourcing raw materials locally and delivering it to your doorstep. They have delivery centres in 100+ cities, unlike most of their competitors, who rely on third-party manufacturers and cannot guarantee quality and consistency. The two companies invest in research and development and claim to constantly experiment with designs, fabric, and woodwork.

WoodenStreet offers a diverse range of furniture, from traditional to modern, contemporary, and loft styles. In addition, they have a custom furniture department, which allows you to order large, bulky items as well as space-saving furniture. And if you’re looking for a unique gift, they can even custom order pieces for you. The only real question is who’ll be the winner of the online furniture battle.

WoodenStreet also offers interior designers to help you pick the perfect piece of furniture. With expert interior consultants, WoodenStreet has made it easier to find the right product to match your taste and budget. The company also offers discounts and EMI options, which makes it a great option for people who want to furnish their homes. And if you’re looking for affordable wooden furniture, then WoodenStreet should be your first stop.

While it might seem that the two companies are on a similar footing when it comes to the online retailing of furniture, there are some significant differences between the two. For one thing, Craftatoz offers custom furniture designs, while Wooden Street’s inventory is more mainstream. The latter is a marketplace, which means that it does not receive full revenue from its buyers. The closest competitor of Craftatoz is Urban Ladder, which is completely online and has dedicated furniture collections under a variety of brands.

While Wooden Street reported a massive slump in its first quarter due to the lockdown, it has since recovered and is now aiming to surpass INR 300 crore in sales over the next four years. In addition, the startup has raised funding from IAN fund and RVCF. Wooden Street also intends to open stores in the Netherlands and UK within two or three years.

Craftatoz and Wooden Street are both online stores that offer premium wooden furniture. Both websites are known for having interior designers who are ready to help you find the perfect product. Both offer furniture made of premium materials and promise long-lasting durability. Who’ll win the online furniture battle? It depends! And we have a few answers for you. We have chosen our favorites based on their reviews, and we’ve compared them side by side to see who wins.

What are the advantages of WoodenStreet? Craftatoz’s broader range of furniture means more variety. WoodenStreet has a large variety of multifunctional furniture for your home, such as tables, bookshelves, and chairs. You can find everything you need in one place, including the perfect office chair! But WoodenStreet is definitely the better choice.
Urban Ladder

If you’re looking to buy a new sofa online, you’ve probably been wondering how the best options compare. The competition is fierce, but what sets each of these brands apart? First of all, they are all online, so that means they all offer the same type of furniture, but their pricing and product selection is significantly different. That said, the differences between these two online furniture retailers aren’t as large as one might think.

When it comes to quality and price, Urban Ladder is the clear winner. The company started in 2012 and has since adorned homes across India. It’s difficult to find physical stores, but its website features the best-looking furniture. For a large-scale purchase, Urban Ladder is the way to go, especially for living-room furniture. However, if your budget is small, you may have to look elsewhere.
Urban Ladder vs WoodenStreet

In July 2011, Parvez Ali quit eBay to start Craftatoz, an online furniture retailer. The company also operates rental furniture. Both companies also compete with e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart, and have their own websites. The biggest question is who will prevail in the online furniture battle? There’s no one answer to this question. We’ll have to wait and see, but these three companies are sure to be interesting to watch.

While both Craftatoz and Urban Ladder have a similar mission, they differ in their target audiences. Pepperfry has the most products, but Urban Ladder is focused on furniture. Unlike its competitors, it does not sell other home and decor products, such as towels and kitchen knives. Urban Ladder has a smaller product selection and has kept its inventory light. Both companies also rely on data from buying behavior to determine which SKUs to carry.

For years, Urban Ladder was unable to scale, resulting in fewer funds to fund operations. Urban Ladder eventually went through a series of acquisitions and raised over a billion dollars from investors including Reliance and Wooden Street. Despite its rocky start, the company survived a troubled acquisition, and has become a highly successful brand. The founders were able to build the brand and the category without crashing under pressure and are now well on their way to relaunch as a new company.

Urban Ladder is a relatively new brand. It launched in July 2012, competing with Pepperfry, FabFurnish, and HouseFull. The competition was fierce, but the company’s solid designs and rapidly growing market kept it competitive. Although the company didn’t diversify its business model, it still managed to secure a share of the market.

Earlier, Urban Ladder was unable to survive the Covid-19 crisis, and incurred losses of up to eight times their 2014 revenues. Craftatoz had to abandon its growth plans and sell itself to Reliance, while Urban Ladder and Wooden Street are preparing to go public. In the meantime, they’re attempting to survive the harshest weather that Indian online furniture sellers have ever experienced.

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