Cost and Process of an Urgent Care Pap Smear

Pap smears are commonly referred to as Papanicolaou tests. This is a routine procedure performed in most gynecological processes. It is a laboratory test conducted to determine whether or not you have abnormal cells in your cervix. The abnormal cells typically indicate the presence of cervical cancer. This post will discuss the cost and procedure at the Arleta pap smear clinic.

Pap Smear Cost

With most health processes, the costs tend to vary based on several factors. However, pap smear costs typically range from $50 to $ 150 if you lack insurance. But if you have insurance cover, these tests generally are covered. The estimates, however, do not include the cost of a complete pelvic exam. Some clinics cover these services without any charges. At Arleta pap smear clinic, we accept Medicare and Medicaid. Therefore, check with your insurance to help determine if they cover the procedure. The lab might be billed separately and perform functions your insurance doesn’t cover.

The Process of Urgent Care Pap Smears

As you know, health is wealth and always comes first, including your reproductive health. Suppose you want to detect and avoid underlying health issues, you require to visit the Aleta pap smear clinic and let a gynecologist check on your health. These tests are essential regardless of your health, and each woman needs them. It helps in detecting any uterine and cervical abnormalities early. And after they have been caught, the doctor can before see them prevent them from advancing further.

What are Arleta Pap Smears?

These are life-saving tools doctors use to screen for cervical cancer. They help detect any cancer-causing cells before they become cancerous. You can rely on Arleta urgent care clinic for practical HPV tests too early to detect viruses that can cause cervical cancer. Suppose the outcome is unclear or abnormal. It shows you have an infection or another health issue. The tests might detect other health issues like inflammation or infections. The tests can be done alongside other pelvic exams.

How to Prepare for a Pap Smear Procedure

Before a Pap Smear Test

When the procedure starts, the nurse or doctor will help you understand what it is all about. You will need to consider the following;

  • Suppose you are on your menstrual, and you will be required to reschedule the tests.
  • Products like spermicidal, jellies, forms, or creams must be avoided two days before the tests since they can wash off abnormal cells.
  • Do not use tampons for at least 24 hours before the procedure begins.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse
  • Also, avoid any virginal medicines.
  • Avoid douching before the procedure.

During a Pap Smear Procedure

The pap smear test is typically performed at the doctor’s office or an outpatient facility. The health provider will only need a few minutes to complete the procedure. You must undress below your waist or wear a hospital gown. Then you will lie on the exam table facing up while your knees are bent. The stirrups will help support your heels when the knees are bent.

Your doctor will insert a speculum tool in your vagina to help them see the cervix. This tool helps hold the vagina walls, and you might feel pressure when the device is inserted into the pelvic region or the vagina. The doctor will collect cell samples using a small brush or a spatula. You will not experience any pain when these cells are being collected.

After a Pap Smear Procedure

The type of tool used in collecting the cell samples will help determine the number of times a pap smear test Is performed. A one-cell collection method is referred to as a liquid-based pap smear test. It typically involves collecting cervical cells and preserving them by putting them in a unique liquid container. They might also use the conventional pap smear method, where the collected cell samples are placed directly into a glass slide after they are collected.

More cells and cancer cell detection on the collected cervical sample are conducted inside the lab. The process has to do with observing the cervical cell sample closely under a microscope, and this helps in detecting any precancerous or cancer cells. After the doctor has finished the tests, you will put on your clothes and continue your daily routine without any issues. After a pap smear test, you do not need help with your daily activities.

What to Expect from a Pap Smear Test?

After conducting several tests, and the outcome is out, the report will be sent to the doctor. The next thing is that the doctor will call you to explain what the development of the procedure means. Growing in your vagina and the cervical cells are normal. A positive or abnormal outcome will show that you have precancerous cells in your cervical region. The doctor must assess the abnormal cervical cells to determine their type.

Benefits of Going to Arleta Pap Smear Clinic

Taking a pap smear test at Arleta urgent care is highly beneficial to you as a woman. This is because it helps you to know what is happening in your cervical region and the whole reproductive system. One of the most critical reasons you require a pap smear test is that it allows you to know if you have any cancerous cells in the cervix that can lead to cervical cancer. Suppose these cells are discovered to exist. You can do something to eliminate them before they become cancerous.

Also, a pap smear test will help you identify and eliminate other dangerous viruses that might attack your reproductive systems, like human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus typically attacks your reproductive system and might cause cancerous cells. During routine check-ups, women in their 30s should have these tests alongside pap smears. Both tests are critical since they give essential details regarding your cervical health and can discover an underlying health issue.


Visiting Arleta Pap Smear Clinic has several benefits. The tests have helped to save a lot of women from cervical cancer. Other than detecting cervical cancer, the tests also help run checks for severe infections that might lead to lifelong diseases. If you are 21 years old, you should start going for these tests because your reproductive system will have fully developed. After the first tests, you will come for another test after two to three years if your health is progressing well. 

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