Cleaning of industrial buildings in Sydney

Cleaning of industrial buildings in Melbourne 

SCS Group Integrated Services is the best solution for cleaning industrial buildings in Sydney, ​​as it has a professional team that specializes in cleaning industrial buildings to respond to the special needs of each type of business.

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And it is that if something is clear in SCS Group, it is that each company has its own needs because of the type of machinery it uses, because of the characteristics of its facilities, because of the waste it produces…

In addition, at SCS Group Integrated Services, we know we cannot leave the cleaning of industrial buildings in the hands of just anyone. The process requires high specialization since proper sanitation of the facilities can become a vital part of the production processes.

Cleaning of industrial buildings in Sydney: facades and other elements in height

SCS Group’s services for the cleaning of industrial buildings in Sydney include the recovery and reform of facades and interiors to achieve an impeccable appearance that improves the brand image.

Among the work carried out at height by the company, the cleaning of skylights, windows, and glass panes stands out. This service not only improves the appearance of the warehouse or warehouse but also recovers the natural lighting of the facilities, reducing electricity consumption during the day.

For cleaning windows and skylights, we use a system of hydro poles that, with no scaffolding or anchors, allows quick and professional cleaning of the least accessible areas of the warehouse with deionized water.

In addition, among its cleaning services for industrial buildings in Sydney, ​​SCS Group Integrated Services includes the recovery of roofs, accesses, lights, and ventilation systems.

And with its ecological products that take care of the environment, it also provides unique solutions to common problems in companies such as graffiti on the facades or mold.

Cleaning of industrial floors

Floors are a critical point in the cleanliness and hygiene of warehouses and factories since it is there where the dust ends up, the leftover particles that come off the machines, the shrapnel, the grease, the liquids… And on that floor, the staff works and machines circulate, which makes proper maintenance essential to avoid accidents.

SCS Group Integrated Services has its own industrial floor cleaning system, which, besides being ecological, is highly efficient and allows for covering large surfaces in a short time, also increasing the non-slip capacity of the floor. The technique, applicable to many surfaces, including wood, granite, plastic, and marble, leaves a brilliant trail and improves the traditional industrial floor cleaning system.

Custom industrial warehouse cleaning

SCS Group Integrated Services not only adapts to the machinery and infrastructure of each company, but also adapts to the schedules of each business to synchronize its work with production peaks and the schedule of each client.

With special equipment to carry out the work quickly and professionally, and specific knowledge for cleaning complex machinery, SCS Group Integrated Services is a safe bet to achieve good results in cleaning industrial buildings in Sydney.


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