Call Center Services: Top 7 Metrics Businesses Should Monitor

Call Center Services

Call center services improve when you constantly keep a check on the team’s performance. You can’t monitor stats when working with a remote team. Obviously, you can improve your customer experience, but you require the right tools to track your team’s performance.

Team leads need to equip themselves with proper tools that will assist in onboarding and training. Your team needs a dashboard that will accumulate the call metrics and provide you with an opportunity to enhance your performance. It benefits not only your customers but also you in the long run as an employee. Let’s take a look at the top 7 metrics you should track to improve your operations:

7 Metrics That Improve Call Center Services

In order to effectively address customers’ needs, it is crucial we have a high-performing team at work. To achieve this goal, you need many important pieces of information about each agent’s behavior that need monitoring. Improve your call centers’ performance with the below-mentioned metrics and KPIs:

  1.    Average Call Duration
  2.    Number of Calls Answered
  3.    Response Time
  4.    Standard Wait Period
  5.    Missed Calls Stats
  6.    Average Time for a Missed Call
  7.    Issue Resolution Frequency 

Call Center Services

1. Average Call Duration

With this metric, you can find out how much time an agent spends on each call. It comes in handy when trying to formulate a baseline for call length. In addition, it is useful in avoiding any time wasted on calls and giving enough space to reps to provide callers a tailored CX with speed and precision.

2. Number of Calls Answered

You will be able to check whether your reps are taking too many calls or not even meeting the minimum target with this scale. Based on this metric, you can optimize your team with the right amount of callers. Call centers must increase or reduce the number keeping the average in mind and prepare for a high volume.

3. Response Time

A customer is not a patient creature and would get furious very quickly. The industry standard for a call rep is to pick up the phone within 20 seconds. However, call center services provide better solutions by picking up the call within three rings or 15 seconds at most.

4. Standard Wait Period

The customer service industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its patrons. For example, more than 85% of callers will disconnect if the wait time is over five minutes in line before being placed on hold again. If your team is not answering calls quickly enough, you should consider reaching out to a call center service provider.

5. Missed Calls Stats

Missed calls are a lost chance to resolve issues or make sales, but if a customer can’t get through, you will have irate callers at your end. The more missed calls there are, it might mean you need a better answering system for clients who contact via this channel as well as others.

6. Average Time for a Missed Call

Give your customers the attention they deserve. If you miss a call, it is best to return the customer’s message quickly. This will help alleviate some of their frustration and may keep them as active clients in future business with your company.

7. Issue Resolution Frequency

If the percentage of customers getting help on their first call is too low, using call routing or an IVR can jump-start this process. Use either one on your next customer interaction to help them resolve their problem right away.

How to Optimize Your Call Center Services? 

This is a stat worth noting, as it seems 69% of customers still prefer reaching out through call. On the other hand, 23% would rather fill out an online form and wait for someone to reach out. However, your company must optimize performance, so that wait times are not longer than expected. You can maintain your standards and boost your business with optimized call services.

Please note that a cloud phone system offers you access to data that can help improve your business. You can optimize features and collect more comprehensive call information to enhance the user experience.

Following are the tips to help you improve your call metrics:

  • Determine the problematic sections using the recording to optimize call length
  • Make your targets and expectations clear for representatives
  • Train reps with the help of call monitoring and whispering
  • Put call barging in action to serve complex or recurrent customer calls
  • Utilize surveys to learn what call metrics require improvement
  • Use IVR or call routing to manage your overflow
  • Improve outbound calls with power dialing or click-to-dial option
  • Optimize missed calls and callback times with the help of call queue and queue callback
  • Using a live feed will help with real-time snapshot and evaluate the agent thoroughly
  • Combine all the metrics to analyze both individual and team performances

Call Center Services

The Final Word

Your business needs to improve its call center services to maximize productivity. We have talked about the metrics TLs and managers should monitor and how to optimize your services for better results. However, not everyone has the tool or is an expert at it. But, worry not, as you can hire a third-party service provider who will not keep track but also provide you with efficient agents.

Digitech Outsourcing Solution (DOS) empowers the call center industry with proficient call center reps. Their agents are quite fluent in multiple languages and handle customers 24/7. Moreover, they have the dashboard and tools to measure your team’s performance and optimize it accordingly.

Whether you are a startup or an established company, you can personalize your plan with them. In addition, you can run a free trial to have a better understanding of their services. Please note that you will not be charged anything for the time the trial period lasts. So, contact their team and discuss your plans for a smooth business experience.

More Details:

Outsource Your Call Center Services to Boost Your Business

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