Best Websites Build With React Js Development

There are many such websites that are made with the help of react js and are successfully running. Let's take a detour of some of those react js websites.

A Javascript package called React JS makes it possible to build user interfaces. ReactJS has function hooks and a template language for creating HTML. By directly connecting functionality to markup and packaging it in a transportable, self-contained “component,” it serves the objective of tracking “states” in your program so that you don’t have to trace program flow.

These qualities have increased its appeal for web development. As a result, numerous well-known websites have picked it up.

Why React Js Is The Best Choice To Develop Websites?

Why is React so popular and used by so many companies for web development? Or why should you use React in your next project? There are numerous reasons why businesses should use React to build web applications.

To begin with, the primary reason why websites are the best choice to build a website is that it allows for the reuse of user interface (UI) components. Second, React provides exceptional templates, which is why developers prefer to work with this JavaScript library. Powerful features such as component creation, virtual DOM, seamless migration, and ease of learning propel it to the top of the list of developers.

Jordan Walke, a software engineer, created the innovative JavaScript library React. It enables developers to create large and dynamic web apps without the need to refresh the page after making changes.

Because of their scalability, simplicity, and ease of learning, which improves performance, React websites are the most popular and first choice for developers.

Best Websites Build With React Js Development 


Created by a Facebook software engineer using the React js library, one of the most popular social media platforms. Despite the fact that the framework is open-source, Facebook maintains it.

Initially, the React js library was created for Facebook, with React.JS being used in parts of its primary or main pages. Facebook created React Native and a React version for mobile applications to display the Android and iOS components.

In order to make React js more responsive, Facebook released React Fiber, a rewritten React version, in 2017. It has since become the foundational base of feature development and is known as the React js library’s further advancement.

Facebook is one of the most well-known sites built with React js. It enables the display of notifications, post reactions, and comments by utilizing React’s compound architecture without reloading the page.


It is one of the React websites which helps to offer efficient work management solutions. It allows the team to focus on their project and goals while working on daily tasks.

The importance of simplicity is present when designing a website. The website must be kept up to date, perform well, and be readable. Given the advantages of React and the limitations of Luna, Asana chose to React for front-end development.

Fortunately, Asana’s UI issues were resolved with the implementation of React js. virtual JS’s DOM feature. Some of the benefits of using Asana’s React websites include:

  • The site has minimal coding 
  • It is simple to integrate with Luna
  • It is simple to consider reactivity


Who doesn’t enjoy binge-watching their favorite Netflix web series? Right? But did you know who is the driving force behind Netflix’s seamless UI? React is Netflix’s most ardent supporter. Js. 

You might be wondering why Netflix used the ReactJS library. There is no single reason why Netflix chose React.Js. Netflix chose this framework for its website and application due to factors such as seamless modularity, startup speed, and profound runtime performance.

Other advantages that allow it to be the best library include its ability to handle user interaction smoothly, loading time, scalability, and rendering code.


Instagram underwent an interesting transformation; it began as a photo-sharing app in 2012. However, after Facebook acquired it, it redesigned its entire web app, which now includes appealing features such as a news feed, login, comment counter, text block editor, and geolocation.

However, Facebook revamped it and released it for Android and iOS. After that, there was no stopping, and Instagram became one of the most popular websites built with React.

Instagram’s best feature is that it is constantly evolving with new features such as a shopping marketplace, live streaming, and a variety of filters that make it popular among teenagers. However, all credit goes to React, which helps to create a user interface that is simple, adaptable, and sophisticated.


PayPal, the world’s leading online payment service, is next on our list. It never fails to impress its customers by providing a secure and convenient method of payment transfer.

Did you know why PayPal is such a great user experience app? Because it has taken advantage of the advantages of React, which is capable of providing exceptional stability and security.

Because of the fast-paced nature of the world, users prefer to interact with a user-friendly interface that provides seamless functionality, which React enables. Freelancers, service providers, and vendors can easily receive international payments.

PayPal, one of the React websites, can easily integrate its checkout option into any React app by including a small piece of code.

Yahoo Mail

One of the most popular React-based websites has updated its desktop experience by leveraging the power of tech stacks such as React and Redux. React’s primary features include seamless debugging, performance, no larger platform libraries, and dependability, which convinced Yahoo developers to build their websites with React.

Another reason Yahoo chose React as its preferred framework is its scalability, as the app’s user base continues to grow. Furthermore, the Yahoo mail design is renovated with React to take advantage of benefits such as Virtual DOM, responsive information stream, and side rendering.


In this blog, you’ve seen how the React library proved to be a lifesaver for the aforementioned renowned companies looking for adaptive and profound solutions to their problems.

However, before utilizing the React library, you must examine and identify the blind spots and problems that your company faces when dealing online. You can hire react js developer or a software development company that can help you with the application development. 


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