Best hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad

Hair loss is a common phenomenon between men and women. However, men are more prone to hair loss as they might have male patterned baldness. Genetics and hereditary traits play a bigger role in hair volume and hair loss instances in both males and females. To mitigate further damages, there are eminent hair clinics in Hyderabad.

What are the causes of hair loss in men and women? 

Before we proceed to find out the best hair clinics in Hyderabad that offer hair transplant services, let us understand the causes of hair loss amongst men and women. Some of these causes are factored in by external factors that aggravate the hair loss situation even further. While other causes are hereditary and cannot be controlled by the person, they can be mitigated only via specialist interventions.  

A trichologist doctor drips the serum onto the patient's hair. Treatment of alopecia. Hair loss, alopecia, pruritus, burning head or seborrhea

Let us look at the causes : 


In today’s day and age, there is pollution everywhere. Dust and smog affect hair growth follicles. Even if you do not use chemical products, chemicals released due to air pollutants rob the lustre of hair and weaken them, leading to hair fall. 


Young adults today are overburdened with stress that leads to hair loss among both men and women. Stress caused to emotional or psychological trauma makes hair thinner. With the usage of chemical products and pollution outside, hair loss happens rampantly. The silver lining here is that hair loss is temporary and can be controlled with lifestyle changes. 

 Improper diet 

Hair loss in both men and women has a direct connection to the nutritional elements the body is getting to facilitate hair growth. To have strong and voluminous hair, nutrients such as protein, iron,  and vitamins b and e are needed in adequate quantity.  

We are more engaged in having fast food and an unhealthy diet that is devoid of any nutritional value. Due to this, the hair becomes thinner, and the chances of hair loss increase. 


Androgenic alopecia is a genetic problem that causes male and female patterned baldness in both genders. It happens because the family has hereditary traits passed down to the new generations.  

Alopecia is a permanent cause of hair loss that is beyond the control of a person. It can be only treated via hair transplant treatment and surgery from reputed hair clinics in Hyderabad.

Top clinics in Hyderabad to get hair transplant surgery 

Hyderabad is a growing metro city where a lot of young adults, be it men or women, tend to have hair loss problems caused due to alopecia, pollution, or hormonal imbalance. Hair loss has a negative effect on confidence and self-esteem. For both men and women, it affects their aesthetical appeal.  

In men, loss of hair and baldness lowers their libido and chances of social interaction, be it at the workplace or at friendly gatherings.  

However, hair loss and baldness can be reversed with hair transplant surgery from these top clinics in Hyderabad. These clinics have the best hair experts and leverage state-of-the-art technology to make the process of hair transplant quick and safe.  

Here are the best hair transplant clinics one must visit in Hyderabad: 


Pelle Clinic 

Located in the Hi-Tech City neighbourhood of Hyderabad, Pelle Clinic has a credible reputation for offering hair transplant surgery.  

With advanced procedures and the technique of follicular unit extraction that is virtually painless, causes minimal scarring, and picks the best grats from the scalp.

Hair Sure 

Another clinic in Hyderabad that has been lauded with awards and recommendations for offering quality hair transplant treatment is Hair Sure clinic.  

The clinic offers diverse hair transplant surgery methods that suit the requirement of the patient. This includes – follicular unit extraction, simultaneous Harvesting and Implantation, and follicular unit transplantation.  

All the procedures are painless, minimally invasive, and keep the natural look of the hair intact.  

Portland Hair Transplant Clinic 

At Rutland hair clinic in Hyderabad, the cost of full-head hair transplant surgery starts from Rs 64999. The clinic uses new instruments and technology before each surgery. With more than eight years of experience, the hair clinic has served 900+ patients and conducted over 12000+ surgeries.  

The surgical process is quick, safe, and conducted without linear scarring or sutures. 

DHI India 

DHI has a hair transplant branch in the Jubilee Hills locality of Hyderabad. The clinic leverages the latest technology for successful hair transplant procedures. The entire treatment is non-invasive with minimal pain or scarring. AT DHI, by using a patented implanter, hair transplant surgery becomes a one-step process with 100 per cent natural results.  

Microscopic examination of the hair and skin of the scalp.

Loss of hair can be reversible by getting hair transplant surgery from these top hair clinics in Hyderabad. The treatment will help to regain your looks and confidence. 


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