Benefits Of PoE  Lightings

Improves building energy efficiency by integrating

Benefits Of PoE  Lightings

Improves building energy efficiency by integrating different systems to optimize real-time operations and reduce overall consumption.

  • Reduces installation costs by eliminating AC power and CD control wiring and cable runs and associated labour costs.
  • Contributes to the sustainability of buildings by implementing a high-speed communication protocol that is both very secure and widely used.
  • Establishes a two-way communication model for many devices used in the building, including motion detectors, cameras, access systems, elevators, telephones and others, which are integrating into a software platform allowing for exercising global control.
  • Provides building owners and managers with valuable data about space usage (when paired with a map, analytics tools and indoor location apps).
  • Works with other lighting technologies, including sensors, emergency lighting, escape route lighting, dynamic white fixtures and RGB+W LED products.
  • It offers an expandable platform that can accommodate IoD technologies

Benefits Of LED Lightings

  • LED luminaires require significantly less effort during installation, maintenance and operation. This interoperable and sustainable investment drastically reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to conventional lighting systems.
  • This infrastructure is managed by IP-based networks and supplied with electricity via standard data-linked cabling, thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology.
  • The interaction between sensors, LED luminaires and intelligent control offers users maximum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • This performance cannot be achieve with a conventional lighting solution.
  • Investors and building operators benefit from significantly reduced costs during installation and commissioning.
  • PoE lighting is a crucial point of the IoT and revolves around a universal platform for all new sensor technologies and data collection in intelligent buildings.
  • High energy efficiency – advantages of dedicated POE energy for luminaires
  • LED luminaires require a much lesser amount of energy for the same amount of light as conventional luminaires. This alone is a considerable gain.
  • But the real benefit lies in the combination of appropriate sensors and an intelligent control system.
  • The objective is an automatic and rapid adaptation of the level of luminosity offered to users.
  • LED luminaires thus unfold their full potential. Compared to older generation lighting, a reduction in electricity consumption related to lighting of 70% is realistic.
  • It automatically optimized PoE lighting

Lighting management

Lighting management via the data network allows simplified lighting automation.

The light automatically turns on when needed and turns off again when the last person leaves the room.

The problem of employees forgetting to turn off the light after work is now a thing of the past.

Management via the data network can do much more:

The contribution of external and natural light allows the LED lighting to adapt to reach the desired brightness level at any time and instantly.

The logged value can be specified individually for each zone and each workstation.

The dimming of the luminaires is so subtle and precise that those present do not notice it.

Benefits of PoE-Based Lighting

  • The use of Power-over-Ethernet and LED luminaires significantly reduces the energy needed for lighting
  • The solution is IP-base, which makes your lighting smart.
  • Unlike other “smart solutions”, a high level of security is ensure, as all communications are encrypting and secure via standard IT mechanisms
  • The system is a built-in low voltage only. Thus, it is not necessary to call on a certified or authorized electrician for installation and maintenance
  • Easy and economical installation comparing to traditional electrical work
  • Lighting is automatic. Only the excellent light is consumed at any time and place in the building.
  • The lighting is part of the existing IP network.
  • No new cabling or central distribution room is needed, network and lighting use the same Ethernet cabling.
  • Globally, this solution is part of the reduction in the number of materials, generating savings in space and components
  • LED Lighting Controlcentred on humans and its uses is put in place to increase the comfort and productivity of employees
  • No limitation to a specific lighting manufacturer.
  • All lighting brands can be integrating

What is PoE Lighting?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting allows power and data to be transmitting over a single low-voltage cable.

This facilitates digital communication with luminaires and integration with other intelligent building systems.

A PoE lighting sensor approach means that the luminaires are connected to the building’s IT system.

The lighting devices and other building systems  then form a single computer system offering the following advantages in particular:

  • Reduction of building operating costs and energy consumption
  • Increased control
  • Integrated vision of the energy use of the installations
  • Adaptability to the next generation of technical innovations

Quality lighting, harmonious integration

When customers upgrade to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) enterprise-grade lighting and control platform, they benefit from seamlessly integrated luminaires, sensors, user interfaces and software.

PoE lighting and shading is an intelligent building control solution that is easily expandable.

  • Simple and flexible deployment — up to code
  • Quality lighting with low energy consumption (no risk of electrocution)
  • Energy savings and a smaller environmental footprint
  • Radically reduced energy and lighting maintenance costs
  • Reduced deployment and upgrade costs
  • Cloud-based analytics from connected devices (smart sensors)
  • Visualize trends and metrics for future optimizations
  • Highly configurable and user-friendly user interfaces
  • Completely integrated with fibre and copper network cabling elements
  • Building Automation and Smart Building IoT Integration

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