Basic Computer Knowledge – For Beginner’s

Basic computer knowledge is just as crucial as a publisher’s paper. This part on basic computer skills includes many crucial questions for exams like IBPS PO, SBI, and RBI, as well as other related assessments. The practice problems in the fundamental computer knowledge part will provide you with the necessary practice and experience.

Basic Computer Knowledge


Therefore, We’ll see practice questions from the concepts of Number Systems, Number System Conversions, Firstly, Generations of Computers, Computer Organization, Computer Memory, Hardware and Software, and I/O Devices in this portion of Basic Computer Knowledge.

1. Microsoft Office


Without Microsoft Office, an office would struggle to function. The suite includes a range of tools that practically every function at every business can benefit from. If you’re still unsure about your MS Office abilities, brush up now before you start missing out on great career possibilities due to this one flaw. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets are extremely useful tools for storing and organizing tabular data, as well as performing calculations and advanced analytics. As the focus in practically every company moves to data, it will become increasingly vital for workers at all levels to deal with at least some of it through Excel files. In this case, your lack of Excel knowledge will cost you points on your cv.

  • PowerPoint

Presentations allow you to communicate the outcomes of your labor or a concept to others in a concise manner. You can emphasize your ability to swiftly put together decent presentations without stumbling during interviews.

  • Microsoft Access

Excel’s data storing and analysis capabilities are enhanced by Microsoft Access. While spreadsheets are great for handling little quantities of data, Access allows you to manage large databases. It’s a valuable ability to have if your job demands you to work with enormous datasets, such as annual sales figures.

  • Email

Email is used for almost all corporate communication. You will come across as professional and well-dressed if you write emails that get your point through without being wordy.

2. Web and Social Links


Web abilities include the ability to conduct successful data research, learn a new skill via the Internet, and obtain photos or graphics fast to enhance your presentations. Even though almost everyone can do these activities, individuals with true skills will be able to do so far faster than the others.

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In today’s job, social media skills are also extremely vital. This is where a substantial number of leads are obtained, networks are built, and even employment occurs. To begin, polish your LinkedIn profile and approach employers – this will improve your chances by itself!

3. Trouble Shooting


If a frozen software or a broken USB port sends you into a tizzy, it’s important to learn more about the systems so you can troubleshoot minor issues on your own.

Look into the applications and gear you use on a regular basis, and watch YouTube videos on how to resolve problems like crashes.

4. Graphic Design


Graphics play an important role in many industries, from marketing to product design, and knowing how to use all of the computer resources available to create graphics is a highly appreciated ability.


Learning is a process that lasts a lifetime. And, in today’s world, tech-oriented learning is critical for everyone. The more up-to-date your abilities are, the more likely you are to secure your dream job.


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