An Introduction to Security Information and Event Management

Fortinet siem Malaysia:

According to recent Ponemon research, 9 out of 10 healthcare organisations had a breach in the past two years. According to the analysis, these breaches may have cost the sector $6 billion. I believe this is the reason why the demand for Fortinet siem Malaysia is increasing.

Given that healthcare records include a wealth of valuable data, it should be no surprise that criminal assaults account for more than half of the causes of these breaches. The remaining infractions frequently stem from internal difficulties, including personnel errors, conflicts with outside parties, and stolen linked device theft.

Real-Time Analytics

Today’s healthcare networks need to be protect, which calls for data to be acquire in real-time from many sources. Businesses may relocate data from their traditional home in a silo and place it in a single, central location where Fortinet siem Malaysia solutions can view all threat information throughout the network. SIEM systems combine the data into a single event, which is then delivered to an automated analytics engine to allow real-time action.

Database for Self-Learning Configuration Management (CMDB) 

Data about the infrastructure is necessary to counter attacks successfully in real-time. Healthcare IT professionals typically have to manually load and correlate context information, increasing the risk of human error and depleting time-sensitive staff resources. Most SIEM systems may automatically locate your physical or virtual infrastructure, even if IT is unaware of it. To maintain network security and ensure compliance standards are following, monitoring and evaluating each device is essential. Additionally, a CMDB will keep your company informed as the environment changes.

Management of scalable logs 

Healthcare organisations might need a lot of effort to manage the log files generated by all the computer equipment spread throughout the network. Because of their size, the variety of forms they might take, and the rate at which they are produced, managing these logs can be difficult. 


SIEM systems are made to analyse, process swiftly, and store logs to keep up with the times. SIEM solutions can collect all the events for several devices (and their users) scattered around the network by supporting various security systems concurrently.


A Single Platform for Multi-Tenant Architecture Management 

One security product on the market today cannot shield the entire network from all threats. Not by themselves. Because of this, management systems need to be able to connect to independent security technologies. Users of SIEM solutions may control all of their domains and security systems from a single administrative interface. Data from many sources may be cross-analyze because of this. From here, specific reports, dashboards, and rules suit to the organization may be develop and implement.

Conformity Reports 

Guarantee that all compliance criteria, which are numerous in the healthcare industry, are satisfying is one of the most frequent reasons businesses switch to SIEM systems. SIEM solutions frequently include pre-defined reports for compliance requirements like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

Final Reflections 

One of the most common reasons firms convert to Fortinet siem Malaysia systems is to ensure all regulatory standards, which are stringent in the healthcare sector, are met. Pre-define reports for compliance standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and others are typically including in SIEM solutions.

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