All things you need to know about Laka Glacial Trek via Triund 


New to trekking? Don’t know when to start and where to start but at the same time want a fabulous hands down experience that will last a lifetime? Well Laka Glacial Trek checks off all the boxes and makes this the best trek for beginners and for anyone looking at a weekend getaway. 


Located towards the Nangra Valley , this place will leave your eyes wanting more. It’s snow pervavded mountains , beautiful lovely flora and the serene weather will fascinate you. If you’re lucky enough you might as well spot some famous fauna there like the Himalayan deer , goat and jackals. There are mainly two ways to trek the Laka Glacial , one is through Mcleodganj via Triund and the other is Dharmshala. 


The basic tour starts from the morning after a healthy and filling breakfast and you start trekking towards Triund which is around 4-5 hours. To reach Triund you must first reach Dharamshala which can be done through air , rail and bus. If you opt to choose airways from Delhi Many reach by sunset and enjoy the view it offers and set up the there are many direct or connecting flights.

However for railways you’ll need to first reach Pathankot if you’re in Delhi and then upon reaching take buses / taxi which is 3 hours away from Dharamshala. Another way would be to book a cab or direct self driving to the location. Once you’ve reached you can camp at top. Have some dinner by campfire and let the talks begin! The next day you trek towards Laka Glacial which is around 6 km.

Once reached your eyes will be bedazzled on the view of the entire valley and take in the beauty of nature. You can camp the entire night there and have fun. On the last day you can trek towards Mcleodganj starting early in the morning , approximately 12 km from the base point.

Few of the places that you can visit nearby to Laka are Lahesh Caves which is 2 km upward. It offers picture perfect scenes , a picturesque view and a beautiful spot for camping with your group. There is also Dalai Lama Complex that spells culture and diversity throughout.

Filled with books , cafes and many monks spending their time here. It depicts the great heritage the country has and gives you so much more knowledge. When heading back to Mcleodganj there is Norbulingka Monastery that offers peace coupled with beautifully maintained gardens. Definitely a worthwhile place to visit!

Best Time

The best time to visit Triund trek is between May-June and September -October. This place has become popular because of its snow laden view but once monsoon sets in July it’s a new view altogether as the snow starts to melt away. The winter season is mostly avoided by all mountaineers because of the extreme climates and the trek is less crowded during this season.

Start and End

The start and end point of the trek is Bhagsu Nag Taxi Stand at Mcleodganj and trekking distance is approximately 26km with a maximum height of 3200 meters. The temperature varies drastically according to the season. In summers it ranges from 15-25°C during day and towards the end of the day it’s 7-10°C but during winter it’s freezing cold. The temperature there ranges from 14-18°C but it goes down to a chilling nerve wracking 1-5°C.

This is a must go trip with your friends and partner. The trip is also reasonable in cost costing 3-4k per person. The trip is famous for it’s quick duration. The snow laden pathway is surrounded by pine trees and many birds singing with their melodious voices. This is by far the easiest trip that you can make with friends and the intersection with Mcleodganj makes it even more vibrant and cultural. 


Some major precautions for the Laka Glacial Trek include taking all the necessary trekking equipment in a comfortable and durable bag along with a good pair of shoes for your travelling. Follow whatever precautionary measures and guidelines the travel agents provide. It Is mandatory to keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip as it gives the much needed energy to keep your body alive. In case of injuries and any minor medical issues , always keep a handy medical kit with pain relieving sprays.

You’ve read enough already, it’s time you start packing and practising the art of trekking. Get ready for some extravagant fun!!


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