AC Maintenance Service: 8 Signs your AC is Failing

AC Maintenance Service: 8 Signs your AC is Failing

If you need ac maintenance service, there are certain signs that your ac is failing. It’s best to learn these signs and symptoms so you can call our ac repair in Vadodara right away.

Your Air Conditioner is Possibly Failing If:

1. It is turning on and off frequently

For an air conditioning unit that has been used for many years, it might just fail without warning signs such as loud noises or weird sounds. When the system turns on and then off again within a few minutes, it means there’s something wrong with it. It is best to call around for a repair service in Vadodara.

  1. The air coming out of the system isn’t cool anymore

When you turn on the unit, the air that comes out should be much cooler than the surrounding temperature. If it’s not, then it might just be time for an AC replacement. One sign that points towards this issue is if you’re not able to lower the thermostat when you set it below 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.

  1. There are weird noises coming from outside

If there are weird squeaking and squealing sounds from howling winds, then it could possibly damage your unit due to extreme weather conditions such as storms, snow, or high winds. In some cases, it sounds as if a piece of metal is being dragged.

  1. The air coming out feels cold at first, but then starts to warm up

One sign that the inside unit might be breaking down is that you notice a drastic change in temperature after running it for a few minutes. When this happens, turn off the system and contact an AC repair service provider for assistance.

5. You smell something weird when turning on the system

A burning smell from your AC comes from a faulty xxx toplist compressor or fan motor. You can check these pieces of equipment by looking behind the front grill to see if any of them are melting because they’re overheating due to lack of circulation or airflow due to dirty vents and grills. If the issue is a dirty grill, then cleaning it or having it replaced might be the only option.

6. The system isn’t doing anything at all

Your ac unit can’t function without power, so if it doesn’t turn on after you’ve reset the circuit breaker, then it’s time for an ac service centre in Vadodara to take a look at it. Most of the time this is due to faulty wiring or compressor issues that require professional assistance.

7. Your electric bills are unusually high

If your bills are much higher than normal during the summer months, they might be due to your ac system not working properly. For example, if there are additional electric components that need repairs such as air ducts or fans, they increase power consumption and lead to you paying more money each month for electricity costs.

  1. You notice water around the AC unit

If you notice water around or near your ac unit it’s time to call an ac service centre in Vadodara for repairs. This happens when there is leakage caused by faulty valves and major parts such as coils need replacement. If these issues aren’t resolved, then mold can start to build up which makes people sick from being exposed to the spores.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, then getting help from an ac repair company that offers ac maintenance services is highly recommended. In some cases, an ac unit that has been used for many years might just stop working without warning so have a professional look at it before it becomes a large problem with expensive repairs.

An ac service centre should be able to fix ac problems such as these and ac maintenance services can also be offered to keep your ac unit running smoothly.

ACs are often the last thought when it comes to maintaining a building’s HVAC system, but they are responsible for nearly 15% of the electricity used in commercial buildings. It is important that ac systems are maintained on a regular basis because if ac units fail, they can cause poor indoor air quality, potentially harmful mold growth, increased energy costs, elevated equipment temperatures which can result in equipment failure or even fire hazards.


Regular ac system service by an ac repair contractor helps ensure ac units run at optimal performance levels so ac problems do not arise. Little things like changing filters regularly or cleaning coils can help extend the life of an ac unit. Clean ac vents ensure ac systems are working at optimal performance levels by preventing debris from building up and causing dirty ac coils which reduce ac system efficiency.

The best way to prevent ac problems is to get ac maintenance services regularly so your ac always runs efficiently. Not only will ac maintenance help extend the life of your ac unit, but it can also save you money!

Use this guide to find an ac repair in Vadodara to get quality ac repair or maintenance services today!



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