A Handy Guide to Leather Thickness and Weight

Leather items are must-have things which almost everybody has, be it leather belts, wallets, bags and so on. The leather hide is normally made up of cow skin which is the best of all animal skin. Different leather hides of different thickness are also made like that as per the requirement when the production of leather products are done. There is always an availability of leather wallets online as well as offline. The same goes with other products like belts and bags too.

The thickness of the leather is measured in ounces which is generally not brought in the physical life of a general person. It is just the fact that the thickness of the leather is measured in ounces and is helpful and required in the production process of leather material. Leather weight ranges from 2oz – 3oz or 7oz – 8oz. Each hide ranges in different shapes and sizes as well as has colour variations too, and also it is unique in its way besides being a natural product.

Different Leather Thicknesses and Their Uses

It is known to everybody that leather products are produced as per the thickness/ weight of the leather. According to the thickness of the leather, it is decided which leather items will be perfect to make. For example, if we take thick leather, it will fit perfectly for the leather belts and will be durable too. But when it comes to making a wallet, thin leather will work much better for it. When the thickness of the leather is 1 mm, then a leather piece has a thickness of 1 mm. When leather is measured as per its thickness, then 3/4 oz leather pieces are measured around 1.2-1.6 mm.

1oz – 3oz thickness of leather will be perfect for the linings and inner pockets.

4oz – 5oz thickness of leather goes well in making small leather bags, wallets or more thin and small covers and also baggage for accessories.

6oz – 7oz thickness of the leather is used to produce thin belts, handbags, small backpacks and so on.

8oz – 9oz thickness of the leather helps produce medium-sized bags and belts.

10oz + and above the thickness of the leather is formulated to make huge leather items such as heavy bags and thick, long, quality belts.

There Are Certain Things Which Are to Be Kept in Mind. Leather Is Always

Another thing to remember is that leather is almost always determined in volume as per the thickness. And so it is said as 3/4oz and not as 3oz. As leather is a natural product and so its thickness varies over the area of the hide. Each art of the hide might be different. One part of the hide might be thick and the other part may be thin. It depends upon the hide/ skin of an animal. And so it weighs 3-4 oz, 4-5 oz, 5-6 oz and so on.


There are different types of the leather hide. It has a variety of ranges. It depends upon the animal skin and also which animal skin is brought in use. Each animal has different skin, and thus it results in different leather hides. The quality and the thickness vary from each other. When leather is brought for producing different items such as men’s leather wallets bifold, it is up to you which area of the hide you want to have for your products by channelizing its thickness and also which area of hiding will be easy to deal with. So, it is necessary to first decide the product or the item that is to be made and accordingly, leather hides are selected. Every product requires quality and for that, each product requires a different hide.

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