9 Tips On How To Teach Your Child To Swim

Teaching your child to swim is really something very difficult. Children are known to be impatient and unruly when it comes to new things like learning to swim with lifeguard recertification.

If you have a restless, hot-tempered and relatively difficult child and you want to teach him this summer how to swim, check out the following useful tips on how to do it in the most correct and least tiring way (for him and for you). way:

1. Safety first

You wouldn’t believe how many parents don’t think about the dangerous things that can happen when teaching a child to learn to swim. It is important that there is enough space in the sea or pool and this wet environment is healthy. Make sure the child stays hydrated. Make sure you are aware of what to do to give him first aid in case of injury or drowning. Also, make sure you know how to do CPR or have someone with you know to help if the stranger needs it.

2. Consider pool games

Many people think that pool toys such as lifebuoys or special flexible noodle floats can be distracting, but if you are struggling to teach your child to swim, these toys could be very helpful . If you don’t want your child to be distracted from swimming, add some toys so they can associate them with swimming so they can stay active and have fun all summer long.

3. Consider wearing armbands

Not every child likes the idea of ​​wearing armbands but if your child gets excited at the thought, then you can count yourself lucky. Armbands are extremely important, especially when you first start teaching swimming, as this is when your child needs them the most.

4. Don’t try to teach him to swim on your own

If you are a single-parent family or if the child’s other parent is simply unable to help you due to work commitments, it is a good idea to ask someone close to you to help you, such as your close relatives or another mom. Even if you’re used to taking care of your little one alone, it’s always best to have another experienced swimmer around to help. In addition, this way, the child will learn much faster with two different types of teaching in just one lesson.

5. Teach your child to breathe underwater

Another step in the process is to make sure your child knows how to breathe underwater. One of the best ways to learn this is by the measurement method. Watch your child make bubbles underwater and count to five. It is important to perfect the technique of breathing in and out of the water in order to be able to swim properly.

6. Teach your child to float

Children have a hard time learning to float. Despite the fact that it requires a lot of patience and confidence, it is really worth it, since floating in the sea is crucial in terms of safety. At first your little one will struggle to get by and this tension can be discouraging. Explain to the child that he will have to relax if he wants to learn to float. Try to encourage it at first to lie back either in the sea or in the pool. This will take several attempts and reassurances on your part but both the child and you will be satisfied with the results in the end.

7. Teach the child how to kick with his feet

Help your child learn to kick with his feet. Ask him to do it first like the scissors and then try to make as many bubbles as he can with his legs. Thus, learning will become a fun game, since you will ask him each time to increase the foam he raises. Help your child to enjoy the lesson together. Once it has mastered the basic skills, you can start teaching it how to do “hands” as well as more advanced swimming techniques.

8. Seek professional help

If it seems impossible to teach your child to swim, don’t give up. Choose some professional swimming lessons from a qualified professional. He will have his way of teaching your child how to swim.

9. Be patient

One of the best ways to teach your little one is to appear as patient as possible and not overreact when the child seeks your help. Everyone has a different learning style and speed and you have to keep this in mind so that you can eventually learn to swim at your child’s pace.

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