8 Tips To Improve Your PPC Campaign

It is not easy to manage a PPC campaign. Ask any PPC manager! It can be overwhelming with all the information and resources available. Finding useful resources to help you improve your PPC campaigns can be difficult once you have mastered the basics of PPC. There isn’t enough content on lesser-known tips and tricks.

If you have been running Paid Media Marketing campaigns for some time and are still not seeing improvement in your results, it may be time to review your PPC performance.

Let’s look at eight PPC tips that will help you improve your paid search performance and get the highest ROI from your efforts.

Select A Platform To Host Your PPC Campaign

The first step to running a new PPC campaign is to choose the platform to use. Google Ads is the most well-known PPC campaign, but did you also know that social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter offer pay-per-click advertisements?

Facebook Ads allows you to place “sponsored posts’’on the news feeds of users who match certain audience characteristics. Twitter Ads are similar to Facebook Ads. Advertisers can use Twitter’s PPC advertising platform to choose from eight different objectives, including app installs and new followers, tweet engagements, and website traffic. Twitter also has the option of choosing their target audience for the ads.

Google Ads allows you to purchase high-ranking web space on Google’s different properties, including search engine result pages (SERPs). You can place your video on YouTube as a Display Ad or Search Ad.

Geo-Targeting is a Great Option

Local PPC or geo-targeting is a strategy that targets a particular audience. You can create custom campaigns using geo-targeting best practices from Google Ads to deliver your message to prospects based on their geographical location.

Local PPC can help optimize performance. It allows you to make ads that account for specific aspects of your location, such as keywords or terms that locals-only know. This will make your audience more engaged and resonate with you better.

Your chances of increasing your click-through rates (CTR) and attracting more qualified leads are higher if your ad is more appealing to users.

Create Compelling PPC Ads

Your ad copy should be the first contact between you and potential customers. Your ads should be compelling and engaging, as the old saying goes. To attract more customers, create unique ad copy. Attention-grabbing headlines are key. The majority of people who browse online scan only the headline. Make sure your product or service is described compellingly.

Ads should be specific and relevant. With the help of a Paid Media Agency, you won’t have to waste your time. They will help you create PPC ads from scratch. Avoid using unnecessary words, and only include words that are relevant to your product/service. Include a strong call to action (CTA) and highlight your unique selling proposition.

High-Performance Keywords are Your Focus

You need to monitor the performance of keywords to optimize your PPC campaigns. It is important to monitor the performance of your keywords as they are the foundation of all PPC campaigns.

You can see which keywords perform the best and what is actually being paid back by reviewing the performance report for your keyword.

These keywords will bring you more business, so you should be focusing on them.

It is important to keep in mind that keywords that are performing well may not be the best.

Continue to make changes to the bid strategy for these keywords. This will allow you to determine the best bid for each keyword.

Create Landing Pages that are Ad-Specific

Your landing page and ad copy should complement each other. Only if the ad copy is consistent with its landing page will it work at its best. Adverts should be written keeping in mind the offer on the landing page. 

Advertisers make the mistake of either redirecting visitors to their homepage or creating a generic landing page for all ads in the campaign.

As both your ads and landing page are related, align them.To ensure consistency, highlight the features and benefits of your landing page.

Set Your Goals

A successful PPC campaign will have a clear goal. You may want to increase awareness, generate sales leads, or increase revenue. No matter your goals, they must be specific, measurable, and achievable. They also need to be realistic and time-bound. 

Your key performance metrics (KPIs), such as your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) or conversion rate, will determine the pivotal elements of your campaign, such as your copy and ad spend.

Use Credibility To Convert People To Leads

While this technique is great for your ads, it’s best used on landing pages. Your landing page visitors should see your credibility. Display your past and current partnerships with top brands, badges to award, endorsements by regulators or other businesses, client testimonials, and success stories.

Optimize your Click-Through Rate

Optimizing your Click-Through Rate (or CTR) is the best way to increase Google Ads’ performance. Promo extensions should highlight special offers, discounts, and deals on your website. If customers know that your business has a promotion, they are more likely to click on the ads.

Your PPC campaign should highlight any sales or discounts and encourage customers to read more about them. This will increase their chances of clicking on your ad. Higher revenue is possible due to a higher CTR for visitors to your promotion page.

Final Thoughts

Track and monitor your PPC data to ensure you are always on top of the results.

PPC needs constant monitoring to achieve the best results. The beauty of this marketing strategy is that you can view every aspect of your spending if you take the time.

Conversion tracking provides insight into the performance and non-performance metrics to help you optimize them for greater performance. Conversion tracking should not be a one-off activity. It should be a continuous process to increase conversion rates.

You must have the desire to do better each day to stand out among your competitors. These optimization tips will help you improve your PPC campaign performance and get better results.

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